On February the 24th in Milan Gloria Maria Gallery will showcase the first italian exhibition of artist BOUKE DE VRIES: A Grand Tour of My Mind. The most important ancient ceramic restorer in Europe but also the most wanted contemporary artist from most collectors’ point of view. The Beauty Of Destruction is the theme identified by the artist who puts together a collection of ceramic works broken and painstakingly reassembled through a work of restoration that was contained in the redemption of a new identity with small imperfections in an ongoing dialogue between past and lived.

Alessio Nesi


Bouke de Vries – Portrait of the Artist III


Bouke de Vries –  Madama Butterfly


Bouke de Vries – Clytemnestra and the mask of Aggamemnon


Bouke de Vries – Narcotics II


Bouke de Vries – Jesus, bed of nails


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Everyone has the right to ask themselves questions in front of a colour, ashape or a dress… we wanted to offer the same opportunity for a perfume. Lacking of any reference to an image or a specific environment (untitled), can interpret itself and adapt freely to each of us ”. This way was born the name of the first perfume Maison Martin Margiela which represents the soul of the maison and leads to logical and linguistic implications of a unified and unique body of work.

(untitled)___ copia

The essence is an amazing creation from the nose of Daniela Andrier, it is a classical forgotten olfactory vocabulary. The Galbanum, noble and rare material, stoic and descreet, is the predominant element of this woody floral green, raw material embraces with  incisive notes the bitterness of Green Boxwood, Mastic, Incense, Bitter Orange: vegetable treasures freshly picked after the rain. Alter and transparent without ostentation, this fragrance despices every luxury except that of his proud solitude.

Alessio Nesi


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A young and rangy horse-jockey body. A clear and neautral beauty with a sort of undisciplined and disconsolate  derring-do. Roger Frampton belongs to the new models guys army dressing a new male silhouette and representing a new legendary narrative object. Physicality is showed off through the perfect body, not only by the clothes. We’re proud to present you these guys we’re keeping in high esteem.

Elisa Lusso

Which perfume do you use? David Beckham.. Instinct!! (Don’t laugh…Honestly its really nice). Have you got any memory tied to a perfume? Jean Paul Gaultier (reminds me of shooting their fragrance.) e Davidoff cool water (reminds me of my mums washing). Which is the first important beauty product or object you bought? Probably BRYLCREEM.

Immagine 1

Which is the first you received as a present? Lancôme grooming set. Is there any beauty object you cannot give up? All hair & shaving products. What did you like most about being a teenager? Wanking.  What do you like most of your life in this moment? My family, my friends, my personal trainer. Which is your favourite designer? Kim Jones.


Is there any designer that you hate? I don’t hate anything or anyone. Have you got any clothing item inspiring you erotic scenarios? John Galliano, Frankie Morello, Dsquared, Calvin Klien Whitey tighties…Woooo! The one you would make love with? Nicole. Which is the best fashion collection from the last 30 years? There all fabulous. Which is the best collection you’ve ever worn? Thom Browne. Autumn/Winter ’07… Amazing!! Which is the beauty product you use most?

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(…) A lazy isle to which nature has given / Singular trees, savory fruits / Men with bodies vigorous and slender, and woman in whose eyes shines a starling candor (…)”. These verses, extracted from Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, inspired Byredo Parfum founder Ben Gorham to create a fragrance committed to forbidden and sinful lovers artificial paradises, able to donate an illusory solace hope. The olfactory harmony, a deeply mystic and obscure one, thanks to the incense  and black amber, makes Baudelaire Eau de Parfum a refined interpretation of the decadent folie, with the refusal of the common and the ordinary. The imposing execution moves deeply, it touches hearts feeding olfaction.

Elisa Lusso



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Realization ALESSIO NESI

Sophisticated and not improvised. The spring make up gets its inspiration from the underground society. Graphical with intese colors, saturated, it express a free and independent soul and doesn’t abandone to easy passiveness.

From left: Neil Lacquer L19 SEPHORA. Eye Shadow M Pink 150 SHU UEMURA. Pencil Beelicious SHU UEMURA. Neil Lacquer 125 SEPHORA. Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow Violet Visions SHISEIDO. Lipstick Amplified Violetta M.A.C. Star Powder MAKE UP FOR EVER. Powder Blush Full Fucsia M.A.C. Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow Acqua Shimmer SHISEIDO. Pencil Greenglo SHU UEMURA. Eye Shado P Blue 660 SHU UEMURA. Neil Lacquer L23 SEPHORA. Neil Enamel Supplement Mineral SHU UEMURA.



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