The Temple of specialized care to manicure and pedicure is based in Milan and Rome meeting place for fans and fashionistas V.I.P. The idea comes from Wendy, a lovely New Yorker of Dominican origins and Vittorio Pistorio, who with great entrepreneurial spirit have opened in Milan and then to Rome the first Nail SPA in Italy on wave of  nail passion. Enhancements is an elegant SPA for her and him where you can afford to relax among the many treatments a la carte: “Manicure à La Crème Chaude”, “ Warm Paraffin Pedicure”, french manicure, decoration stencil e bijoux.


Cures and treatments are performed with the help of natural products by Creative Nail Design and you can abandon yourself to the hedonistic pleasure of organizing a beauty party with friends offering them a Manicure and a “Champagne Pedicure“. The ambience is minimal-chic with designer furniture essential and linear played played in shades from white to ivory, attenuated by the soft seat cushions, the relaxing air is generated by essences emitted from the scented candles. Once entered you will never come out!

Alessio Nesi


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In 2007, girls coming from the boardsports, decided to create fragrances that represent their way of life – fresh and lighter, environmentally friendly with a colourful, positive approach to lifestyle. An interview with the founder Carmela Fleury.

Why the relationship between boardsports and perfumes?

Before Les Ettes we all worked in the snowboard industry (snowboard magazines, snowboard brands, competing at contests, working at snowboard camps and snowboard shops, etc) and consequently we got influenced and inspired by the things that surrounded us. Since the snowboard industry was familiar and our backyard so-to-speak, it was a great and familiar place the Les Ettes seed. However we are open-minded and enjoy working with people outside of boardsports too.


Where are you taking the inspirations for your perfumes?

As a team, I think we draw inspiration all the time from the places we travel to and the people we meet. With the creation of Want-ette and Love-ette were looking for something fresh and light for young girls. Flore-ette is professional snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer’s signature perfume- and she drew her inspiration from a surf trip to Tahiti (so she chose to use hints of the Tahitian flower: monoi). Sol-ette is the light fragrance to wear during the long summer days.


How would you describe your work?

It is never the same- it is always fun and exciting. Les Ettes is made up of a team of fun, young, creative and flexible individuals. We all multitask, and have flexible time schedules. We all work out of different places so thank goodness for Skype! Sure we don’t have the highest salaries but we have meaningful benefits that suit our individual lifestyles. One of the benefits is that we get to travel to great destinations, work with amazing people inside and outside of the company and it is a thrill to experience the organic growth of Les Ettes.

If your perfumes would be a woman, how would it be?

The great thing about scent is that the olfactory sensors really hit a special part of the emotional brain. A scent can help bring back the memory of someone dear, a special place or the feeling felt while being in love. Hopefully in 60 years time, Les Ettes will act as a time capsule item- smelling Les Ettes perfumes again will help remind women’s youth again.



But to answer your question- if we were to let our imagination run free, and the four perfumes would be a women- they’d have to be our beloved team riders. Love-ette conjures subtle and cosy wintery feel- so that’s why our Austrian team rider Lisa Filzmoser was a perfect match.  Want-ette has a creative girl in a big city feel and that’s why we worked with the amazing photographer Crista Leonard in our latest campaign. Flore-ette is professional snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer.  Sol-ette is a girl who enjoys the hot summer days on the beach.

What are your future projects?

We just launched our next product called Juli-ette. It is a lightly tinted lipbalm designed by the extraordinary Juliet Elliott. Juliet was a professional snowboarder on the Burton Euro team at the same time as appearing three times on cover of Italian Vogue magazine. After traveling the world with her metal band and a stint as a session player in a pop group, she briefly settled at Warner Music. Now sponsored by Charge Bikes as a professional fixed gear rider, Juliet still finds time to run her own PR agency and do graphic design for both her own label and various street wear companies. Meeting girls like her is so inspirational.

Sylvie May


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Such a penetrating feeling can’t just be described, but it does induce a pure statement. Reversed images. Reversed background music. The face is wrapped, hidden. No name will give identification. Eyes covered, anonymity. In the name of white. 3: Maison Martin Margiela fragrance.

Elisa Lusso


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In collaboration with FASHION TREND Issue N°27


(…) Il est des parfums frais comme des chairs d’enfants /
Doux comme del hautbois, verts comme les prairies,
- Et d’autres, corrompus, riches et triomphants /
Ayant l’expansion des choses infinies /
Comme l’ambre, le musc, le benjoin et l’encens /
Qui chantent les transports de l’esprit et des sens”.

FT_27_LOW 35

These verses of Baudelaire make Nature a forest of symbols. Unknown and sacred place in which a network of ties links together all realities in a hidden unit. An undercurrent combines the unconscious and the external reality with elegant metaphors that elevate the conflicting feelings of life, in order to discover the darker side of reality. The correspondence between scents and moods is told through a personal inventory of images created with the advertising pages of perfumes, taken from newspapers, pages on which were designed worlds in correspondence to the images of the perfumes themselves.

FT_27_LOW 36

The idea of a secret lysergic garden inhabited by living sculptures, dark women, curios plants and carnivorous flowers takes shape, a surreal universe, dark-fantasy, where good and evil in nature have fun to exchange roles. This collection of images expresses a sense of provocation, irreverence, corruption, an idea of wealth, proud loneliness and its not surprising at all as today, even in the darkest moments, the unnatural continues to inspire the escape from reality through the most existential and luxurios  ideas in fashion!


Alessio Nesi


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Luxury today is to take care of ourselves and this is a “habit of bien vivre“. We should all find some time for ourselves, to purify the hectic and stressful work routine. “Les Sources de Caudalie” created by Mathilde and her husband Bertrand Thomas, Caudalie cosmetic brand owners, are a safe escape from the torment of the great metropolis.

Les Sources de Caudalie 2

The first Vinothérapie Spa is located in the Hotel built on the grounds of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, Grand Cru de Graves, in the heart of the family property, cradle of the savoir-faire of the cosmetic brand, born from important patents based on grape seeds, rich in polyphenols stabilized, powerful antioxidants. something totally unique.

Les Sources de Cauda#4C685C

A sensory experience where to find the whole range of Caudalie products with one single thermal spa water, hot, drawn at 540 meters deep, rich of grapes and vines extracts. Grand Cru de Graves, together with the SPA Vinothérapie of Marqués de Riscal in Spain, the one at the Plaza hotel in New York, opened in 2008 and the last one opened just outside Paris, “Les Etangs de Corot” in Ville d’Avray, is a true crossroads of celebrities.

Les Sources de Caudalie 1

Alessio Nesi


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