A smooth, radiant skin, without discoloration. The visual perception of color and brightness are among the most distinctive features with a great impact on aging. New treatments add expertise of medical research labs and high-tech innovation of their packaging, valuable dropper or single-dose capsules which are effective and valuable anti-aging. Serums and creams with generous texture are new aesthetic strategies for the conservation, prevention and treatment of a more youthful and radiant skin.

Photography SERENA ELLER  Realization ALESSIO NESI


From left: L’Air du Temps by Philippe Starck NINA RICCI. Génefique Youth Activator LANCÔME, its technoligal formula increases the activity of those genes which produce proteins of young skin, for a smooth and glowing appearence;  Intervene Skin Tone Perfecting Capsules ELIZABETH ARDEN, this vitamin C serum in single-dose capsules works at night and helps the skin to relieve signs of discoloration caused by the sun; Cellular  Serum Platinum Rare La PRAIRIE the energizing properties of pure platinum contained in its formula recreates the electrical balance of the skin in order to protect the DNA from aging and to provide a release of hydration. Re-Nutritive Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Creme Rich ESTÉE LAUDER an exclusive cosmetic facelift with vitality molecules and energizing black tourmaline which renews, moisturizes and smooths the skin.


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Illustration ALESSIO NESI

On the occasion of St Valentine’s day, Tom Ford has created a limited edition Black Orchid Collection, a golden box with the three best-selling products from his collection. The Compact Perfume, its creamy and pressed paste preserves the mysterious potion of black orchids, mixed with hints of wood; the Black Orchid Lip Color lipstick and nail polish Nail Color, combined together by name and color to enrich the modern classicism professed by Tom Ford.


The three products repackaged in a deco black metal packaging with golden finishing are available atLa Rinascente Duomo in Milan and the Tom Ford boutique in Milan. A short-lived edition not to be missed for an enjoyable tactile and sensory pleasure.


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February, Milan brand,  was founded in 2002 by the creativity of Lucio Vanotti with the collaboration of  Marika Masi; inspired by the classic comics, in particular Peanuts C.M. Schulz, which to the day of todat still represents the DNA of the soft forms of the brand.

FEBRUARY Spring-Summer 2011Photography MARA CORSINO


Unisex, with an intimate pleasure and timeless. February’s style combines essentialism of pure forms tipycal of nordic minimalism to a warm palette of neutral colors and pastels. A rare balance of opposites which coincide with a strict sartorial construction and the desire to produce casual clothing out of the norm and the custom of times, with a content which  does not obey to the “planned obsolescence” of the fashion system.


In the new men’s collection for spring / summer 2011, Lucio Vanotti derive his inspiration from the symbolism of Hugo Simberg and the  informal and muttered outline tipycal of Charlie Chaplin in the film “The Kid“. The collection is immersed in an atmosphere of absence and melancholy.


The silhouette is evolving into an invisible and ascetic entity and provides the symbolic material of a creature intangible, through the tailoring of the dress, made of fluid volumes for relaxed posture, while the search for form follows the principles of subtraction and synthesis. A rich collection of love for detail discernible sign of high quality. Instant classic for new generations of intellectuals who obey only and exclusively to its laws.

Alessio Nesi


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Literature, cinema and television are always inspired by true stories. Realism is told as a fiction by invoking the “narrative” of lives and transform reality into a set. In the exibition Set  Amsterdam,  at Foam from March 25th  to May 29th 2011, the Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg exhibits a portfolio of images that portray her home town and transform Amsterdam in a sort of film set.

Schiphol Airport, Fire Training area, 2010  © Dana Lixenberg

Schiphol Airport, Fire Training Area, 2010

The documentary of images was born after she had commissioned portraits of actors for the TV series, in 8 episodes, entitled Adam and Eve, which will be aired on Dutch television from March 6th, 2011. By examining individual lives in the city of Amsterdam, Lixenberg explores public and private places: old bomb shelters, churches, cemeteries, morgues, garbage incinerator.

De Open Hof Senior Care Center, Restaurant (I), 2010 © Dana Lixenberg

De Open Hof Senior Care Center, Restaurant, 2010

Focusing on silence, her lenses  record blank spaces with metaphysical atmospheres, histories of interior and landscapes without people, lived or just passed through, made readable by traces left: colors, signs, objects, actions, current events.

Hotel The Globe, Room 301, 2010  © Dana Lixenberg

Hotel The Globe, Room 301, 2010

Arousing feelings of emptiness and absence, her lens shifts the viewer’s attention beyond the space and to those details that define the environment; an intellectual and aesthetic research,  a realism which coincides with the actual existence, transforming  anthropological places into objects of contemplation .

Alessio Nesi


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