Dark shades of red. Primitive, difficult and sumptuous. The most revisited classic among make-up still manages to surpreise in the dark version of the key note: from red vulcan to bordeaux. The dark soul produces night effects in plum color intense theatrical fascination. Hot and stylish shades give off opalescent twilight thanks to new techno-pigments which surround color with shadow without contamination; they keep alive the reflection canceling the dark. Classic palette of colors perfect for any season.


From top to bottom862 Hypnotic Rouge DIOR. The 15 Lipstick Glam, DOLCE & GABBANA. 242 Color Feve LANCÔME. Lipstick Lussuria, DIEGO DALLA PALMA.


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The search for aesthetic perfection always conceals a perversion. It creates a black out of any control and from which no one is saved, to the point that it might well be impossible to distinguish guilty from innocents, victims from executioners. This is the leit motif along with the story, Mygale by Thierry Jonquet, with whom Pedro Almodóvar, with remarkable surgicals skills, cuts and sews his first extreme-horror thriller, as after all extreme is the feeling of love that push the protagonist towards madness, something very similar to Frankenstein. “La piel que habito” tells the story of Robert Ledgard, a highly respected plastic surgeon, thirsty for revenge and with the ambition to create a skin of a goddess, an artificial type of skin immune to blemishes, burns and insect bites.


The austere narrative, totally lacking of visual rhetoric, brings together the pieces of a mosaic with a series of flashbacks, from which it will emerge a complete picture, sad and cruel. In the film modern issues such as plastic surgery, transformation of bodies, rape, extended family, desire to be of another sex, discomfort, blend  together perfectly. No one really knows how difficult it is to live in a body that is not sexually recognized. The essence that manifests itself beyond any imposed mask, eventually will win. Antonio Banderas plays the surgeon; he is back to work with the Madrid born director, while the victim and antagonist is played by the young and beautiful Elena Anaya.



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Hands and nail varnishes are the undisputed protagonists of an engaging and compelling musical realised  by Peter Philips to celebrate the new colors of Chanel Le Vernis. Shade Parade revisits the classic repertoire of Broadway. The fingers of all dancers give life to a rhythmic dance that recalls the synchronized movement of their legs.


Visible on line on Chanel Makeup Confidentitial, a digital magazine, presents in world premiere the creative universe of the french fashion house. To watch until the end. Including end- credits.


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Fantasy and minimal harshness. Invention and concreteness. Pure geometric forms. Less superficiality. These are the main features of the Spring- Summer ONE collection 2012 by Lucio Vanotti. The semi-artisan collection total Made in Italy is the result of a long process of subtraction and synthesis with two main goals: trying to define the criteria that make an outfit look functional and the desire to clear the classical dichotomy between design and styling.


The outfits rewrite the rules of urban dressing: instant classic, male and female, rational and functional, can be broken down and reassembled according to their own personal repertoire. Fluid volumes for relaxed postures define the basic elements of the collection: jackets, wide trousers, blouson, shorts, t-shirts as shirts.


Inlay patterns and small squares echoing mathematical tones, marble printed jersey suggest sculptural liquidity. The classical palette: white, beige, blue, black. A great example of  fit and seduction as soon as won, to again stress that the dress lives on the body of who wears it. Everything looks elegant, measured and silent.


The outline of the figure, severe and essential, identifies a DNA made of detached purity. The theorem of form and function is solved by combining “the useful” and “the beautiful”. Fabrics talk, together with cuts and geometric shapes. The collection for the unadorned beautification looks like a manifesto against the ornament, a tribute to simplicity and naturalness. Because after all, like Andy Warhol used to say: “the only chic thing is to have nothing.” Not even an accessory.


Alessio Nesi


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Illustration ALESSIO NESI

Yellow refers to the brightness and sensuality. The extraordinary energy of this multi-faceted fragrance is able to describe and to emphasize the charm and femininity of every woman“. Donatella Versace describes this way her new creation, the new scent of her maison.
The bouquet, fresh and sunny, created by Alberto Morillas, begins with Cedar Diamond, Pear Sorbet, Neroli and Bergamot in the top notes. Water Lily, Freesia, Orange Flower and mimosa in the heart notes.  Amber woods and musk in the end notes, the most persistent.


The bottle bijoux with a cabochon jewelry cap contains bright golden drops that boast the purity of a nymph. The packaging is decorated with a yellow and shiny gold baroque print typical of the stylistic code of the brand. The  fresh and crystalline essence spreads through the air like fragments of a past unchanged. An old season still to live.


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