In the era of the boom in the cosmetic treatments field a true epic revolution its definitely in place and this is a revolution based on laser technology, fast, painless and with the porpouse of reshaping. These kind of interventions are no longer performed by surgeons but by professional beauticians, available with a new, rich arsenal at their disposal. To rejuvenate facial and body skin, to reduce fat accumulation or simply (and fabulously) to improve appearance, cosmetic companies have developed rapid and effective treatments. This way a new trend was born and we are going to call it “Lunch Break“. Quick treatments which do not require long stops at spas, for women and for men; treatments allowed during lunch break that we might even call Beauty Break Treats.

A Beauty Break for every taste and every need. One for photo-epilation, one for body shaping, one for body peeling. The choice is wide enough, the important thing is to find the time that we want to dedicate to ourselves. It takes 40 minutes and only 2-3 weeks to in order lose even 20-25 cm to waist circumference. Zerona, is a sprawling machine with a non-invasive laser approved by the American FDA. Irradiating the skin surface using 5 laser heads, it penetrates the subcutaneous fat layer. The fat is reabsorbed by the lymphatic system and then eliminated. In the United States is already a phenomenon.


From top left: ZERONA sprawling machine with a non-invasive laser approved by American FDA. EURAEPIL SKIN COOLER LIGHT for treatment of photo-epilation. STARVAC, an innovative device for endodermal massage. GREEN COFFEE natural drink made ​​of green coffee.

50 minutes for leg hair removal treatment with EuraEpil Skin Cooler Light, the only machine equipped with a handpiece that cools skin before, during and after the treatment which makes sessions shorter and treatments more numerous. 30 minutes for a beauty break endodermal massage using Starvac an innovative device which through rollers and suction cups, massages skin and squeezes fat cells through the connective tissue that are eventually eliminated thanks to blood and lymphatic circulation. It takes just 15 minutes, before breakfast, to give up some extra pounds. Green Coffee is a drink made of green coffee.

Newfound sense of energy, less hunger, more calories burned, fast transformation of fat and sugars into nutrients for muscles are the effects of this natural drink. This is an idea of the kind of time we need for immediate beauty farm results . “We are authentic when we resemble the idea we dream of ourselves”; this is the motto we can pursue with the “Beauty Break diet”, the tendency to close in beauty salons narcissistic desire that everyone has of himself.

Alessio Nesi


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Bold and optimistic. The last olfactory temptation of famous Milan fashion house Prada is called Candy and is a charming olfactory bouquet created by Daniela Andrier. To the cocktail of mosses  and the happy caramel synthetic accordance it adds an “exaggerated dose of benzoin from Laos, 12% concentrated. Its warm and balsamic notes reminiscent the scent of honey with a hint of vacilla“. Andrier explains: “the novelty is that for the first time the caramel is not, as  it usually happens in other scents, combined with flower arrangements, but it is free to expand into white musks“.


Shocking pink, fifties-inspired, for a a bold and unconventional bottle. The clip of the advertisement tells the game of seduction between an impetuous piano student and his mentor. The protagonist of the clip, signed by Jean Paul Goude, is the young Léa Seydoux. Inspired by the famous apache dance, she improvises a serie of moves that look like a duel in the streets of Paris. Needless to say that she will win thanks to her passionate charge. Nothing will ever be as it used to be beforehand. Prada Candy is a fragrance that mixes bold and maximalism. Ode to joy and pop intermperances.


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In the series of events organized in 2011 to celebrate the Centenary of Trussardi Group, The Nicola Trussardi’s Foundation since 2003 continues to explore Milan throughout various nomadic activities; rediscovering and increasing the value of forgotten places and hidden treasures to the general public with the use contemporary art.


Lungenflügel (Lobe Of The Lung) 2009 Audio Video Installation.

After majior exhibitions such as the one of Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Draset, Darren Almond, Maurizio Cattelan, John Bock, Urs Fischer, Anri Sala, Paola Pivi, Martin Creed, Pawel Althamer, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Tino Sehgal, Tacita Dean and Paul McCarthy, the Foundation opens the door of the former Cinema Manzoni, closed to the public since 2006, with the first major solo exhibition of visionary artist Pipillotti Rist. From November 9 to December 18, curated by Massimiliano Gioni.


Homo Sapiens Sapiens 2005 Audio Video Installation.

Parasimpatico is the title of the exibition which combines new and old works with the aim of transforming the former cinema into a large living organism, between cinema and television, mixing hallucinations and high-definition images. The most obvious key to understand the work by Pipilotti Rist is our emotional part, that one which reacts involuntarily to stimuli coming from the outside.


Apple Tree Innocent On Diamond Hill 2003 Audio video installation.

From this consideration comes the choice of title for the exhibition with the Nicola Trussardi Foundation, Parasimpatico: with her typical sense of humor, Pipilotti Rist refers to that part of the nervous system which presides involuntary body functions, stimulate silence, digestion, relaxation, rest and energy storage. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to see the spaces of the former Cinema Manzoni in their original beauty, after five years of closure.

Alessio Nesi

Homo Sapiens Sapiens, 2005
audio video installation by Pipilotti Rist
video still

Courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and Luhring Augustine, New York

Alessio Nesi


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Behind the creation of a new make-up line, there is not only the talent of a great artist but also make the contribution of science laboratories. Autumn make up collections make upgrade of seduction that will have quite a remarkable impact on street style if compared to the one of past collections. Main theme: light. Night colors, dark dark and metallic. Malleable texture, indelible and adherent as films. Eyeshadow and nail varnish are rich of pigments and glaze skin uniforly, with an imperceptible layer with a sort of 3D effect. Purple, midnight blue, lapis lazuli, rich in gold give shape to a rock-chic image as aggressive as a sport car.


Clockwise: Eau De Toilette Valentina VALENTINO. Fresh Glow Lumonous Fluid Base BURBERRY. Lipstick Infatuation 190 DOLCE & GABBANA Passion Duo. Mascara Secret Eyes DOLCE& GABBANA. Eau de Parfum Karleidoscope KARL LAGERFELD. 3 Couleurs Smoky 091 Smoky Black 091 DIOR. Rouge automatique 165 GUERLAIN. Ombres 5 Lumières 11 YVES SAINT LAURENT. Nail Lacquer Noir Lapis 127 YVES SAINT LAURENT. Rouge Sérum 251 Rose d’Automne Cristal DIOR. L’Absolu Nu 301 LANCÔME. Écrin 4 Couleurs 09 les Noirs Eyeshadows GUERLAIN. Fond de teint lissant anti-âge avec pinceau SKINLEŸA SISLEY.

Lipsticks on the contrary give lips a leading role. Inspiration comes from the 60’s lipstick nude look, from style icons such as Romy Schneider in La Piscine (1969, Jacques Deray), archetype of french beauty, on display next month in Paris (Escape Landowsky, Boulogne Billancourt, November 4th – February 4th). Mat textures in a large palette which extends from golden to pink, discreet and sensual color, perfect to evoke nude skin on clean an pure faces, sculpted with touches of blush. Light, anti-age bases even out and brighten complexion. Two feminine ideas, opposite each other; enhanced with the subtle charisma of new fragrances with flower and powdery bouquets, which celebrate a feminity typical of romantic nature, dark and introspective.


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Everyone is the tray of memory left on others; the canadian twins know it and relying on memory they create, together with the “nose” Annick Menard, a magic filter intended to make us all fall in love with it. Bewitch the mind. Ensnare the senses. From the intriguing packaging, the clear glass bottle, echoes the design of old last century pharmaceutical bottles and maintains what its intended to preserve, watch and remember: the bouquet of fragrances contained. Potion is the fifth fragrance for men by Dsquared.


Slotted, is characterized by a game of  high ground labels each with a different color and texture, resumed also with the packaging; the first reports, designed with macro characters, the name of the perfume; the second shows the list of ingredients, the third label celebrates the volume. The stiped cap made of black vamish zama, preserves the amber coloured essence. Potion is the result of the subtle science and the exact art of preparing potions. It keeps and promises new emotional experiences.

Alessio Nesi


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