Fashion does not tell anything new. Since a long time it appears more as a reflection rather than the driving force of a society. Style comes from the repêchage of inspirations coming  from shapes and styles of the past. For many designers beauty is an intelligent work of eclecticism. The last exercises in style skillfully blend ancient regime and decorative schemes, for glittering, baroque, neoclassical fantasies, with golden shades and pop colors.


Eau de Toilette Yellow Diamond by VERSACE

From fragrances to fashion to music, everyday objects take the form of antique furnishings. A classic example is the packaging of Versace‘s new fragrance, Yellow Diamond which box is decorated with a shiny gold and yellow baroque style print , typical of the code of the brand;  the cover of the last album by Kanye West & Jay-Z, signed Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, neo-classical and futuristic, is another example, halfway between a napoleonic ceiling and Star-Wars.


Cover of the last album by Kanye West & Jay-Z, signed GIVENCHY by RICCARDO TISCI

Whether we like it or not, now it’s all déjà-vu, even in fashion, with examples such as the Spring-Summer 2012 D&G men’s collection. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, take to their catwalk a rôdeur à la page, eccentric and maximalist, whose garments, made with baroque prints, are a riot of color and glitz. Beautiful but not at all innovative, with a hint of vintage. Inspired by pop art instead are glasses of Minimal Baroque’s collection of Prada Eyewear, only in limited edition. A tribute to the 90’s.


Spring-Summer 2012 D&G men’s collection

A reflection of flaunted optimism and futuristic verve? Spectacular and certainly artificial, but the desire to seek “the new” in all this bric-à-brac, is depaupareted by the discomfort to see again old trends, stored a long time ago. “Modest followers of Winckelmann” as Baudelaire wrote, then prevailing: “we are full, the nation it overflows, lazy people love it, we are falling into psychopathology“. Literature, that fortunately never goes out of fashion, gives us a chance to infer at a distance of centuries, as the world does not change much and forecasts a little unfortunate event: imagination, queen of all powers, is on the loose.


Minimal-Baroque Eyewear Collection by PRADA

Alessio Nesi


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Taking care of the appearance is no longer a privilege of a few. The business world of beauty is soaring and is divided into cosmetic surgery and anti-aging treatments. The figures speak for themselves: in 2015, minimally invasive procedures will move a global market of 90.4 billion dollars (source: Markets & Markets) and that of anti-aging will settle on 274.25 billion by 2013. Mind-blowing numbers. The merit is of scientific progress that allows to use acquired knowledge on plasticity of skin in a targeted and effective way.


From left: Skin Vivo Uniformity BIOTHERM. Prodigy Liquid Light HELENA RUBINSTEINRepairwear Laser Focus CLINIQUEAnti-Aging Neck Cream A Cellular Firmin Complex LA PRAIRIE. Progressif Anti-Rides CARITA. Masque Creme a la Rose Noire SISLEY.

Forget about products which moisturize. These are real scientific laboratories which restructure the deep architecture of  our skin. Formulas with high concentration of active ingredients. Cutting-edge cosmetic treatments, inspired by the aesthetics and regenerative medicine protocols with the aim to moisturize, repair, bright, tone, soothe, rebuild the skin of our face and décolleté. New anti-aging which keep their promises.


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