Multitasking formulas with Global Action for new cream remake that live their entire season with enhanced formulas. Launched in 2002, the legendary Prodigy by Helena Rubinstein, appreciated by most women around the world, with the occasion of the celebration of the 110 years of the brand, has had its formula renewed with bio-lymph molecular, against the effects of aging and stress oxidative. Skin looks younger, hydrated and firm. Older is instead Clinique Moisture Surge, which came to market in 1988; this cream targeted dry and sensitive skin problems. Even today, its formula has been intensified, Intense Moisture Surge Cream Moisturizing Fortifying has a gel texture with a successful formula to ensure maximum hydration and it has a reparative technology of the hydrolipidic barrier active for 24 hours.

Photography SERENA ELLER Realization ALESSIO NESI


Clochwise: Prodigy HELENA RUBINSTEIN. Supreme Revitalizing Global Anti-Aging Creme ESTÉE LAUDER. Intense Moisture Surge Skin fortifying Moisture Crème-Gel Hydrator fortifiant CLINIQUE.

It is instead a complete novelty, Estée Lauder Global Supreme Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream, the first anti-age specially designed for European women. Through the extract of black bamboo, its formula is able to maintain vital most skin functions. A multi-purpose anti-age that regenerates cells, repairs, nourishes. Apply day and night. It is covered by 10 international patents. Exclusively for Europe. The future belongs to new formulas that make cosmetic products iper-specialised, super targeted to your skin type and are distributed in genetically different areas with antioxidant and anti-stress properties and which of course purify skin.


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We are in cybernetic era and also the one of the fragmentation of aesthetic, from social networks to internet sites, anyone can built their own little universe where to hyde themselves, without having to communicate with the outside world.



Uniqueness project is the world of Alessandra Facchinetti. An interactive platform, which breaks down all barriers between the viewer and who participates in the creative process of a collection. It collects sentences, signs, shapes, volumes, images, loades by the designer and where anyone can add their own contribution by uploading their own idea-sign, in order to compose the final Mood Board of collection, behind the art direction of the designer.


Mood Board

A chain of contacts that links graphic designers, photographers, video artists, illustrators, musicians. An online laboratory with those who from virtual may be able to have the possibility to switch to real collaborations.


Graphic Language / Tattoo details reinterpreted in a nineteenth century key, flowers and jewelry, printed by a mental airbrush which mix tattoos and decadence, in the present.

Collections 1.01 and the last 1.02 presented last February at the Triennale in Milan, are a jumble of proposals for uniqueness, which hold together shared visions, coming from parallel universes, in order to define multifaceted characters that pass by flamboyant excesses to simplification of barely nothing.

20UniquenessTotalLook 0058

Collection 1.02. Obsessions / Gold and jewelry, tattoos and coatings, roses and decadence, over and mini shapes, fluid tunic or  top + skirt made as a suit.

One collection, no season, web oriented, sold only online. The aesthetic revolution in the cybernetic era is silent and part of the web.

Alessio Nesi


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