Photography MARA CORSINO

From a personal inventory of images collected from last june Milan men’s fashion show backstage, a graphic silhouette emerges from  rational volumes. Prints with pop  drawings wink to dramatic eighties. Futuristic materials with a chrome look super sleek. Inevitable studded details.

BURBERRY Spring/Summer 2013



Burberry-3COSTUME NATIONAL Spring/Summer 2013




CostumeNational-4GUCCI Spring/Summer 2013


Gucci-2MISSONI Spring/Summer 2013


Missoni-2VERSACE Spring/Summer 2013






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The latest ambitious project of Maison Martin Margiela, part from the relationship with personal memory and parfums, from the instinctive strict connection between odors and past experiences. The idea is to bind to Replica, fashion collection made of vintage clothing and accessories recovered from Margiela’s style office in most markets around the world and re-produced as such. “The concept of ‘Replica’ is an expression of our reflection on clothing and, more generally, our creative approach that, in this case, is explained by the original idea of timelessness: a dress of the past can be absolutely relevant today …

MMM Replica_Beach Walk

… and even tomorrow. We wanted to re-write this idea in some fragrances; scents that are part of our collective memory”. Explain Maison Martin Margiela. This is how three Eau de Toilette based on psycho-explorations were born, memories universally pleasant and common to many, created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier, in collaboration with Marie Salamagne: they tell the stimulating smell of flowers of market in a Paris, 2011 (Flower Market), the flavor of cotton candy tasted on a night at the amusement park in Santa Monica, 1994 (Evening Funfair). MMM Replica_pack

The most hypnotic fragrance of the three develops the image of a walk on the beach in Calvi in 1972. Beach Walk is not just a marine fragrance like many may think, but it reminds the smell of amber skin touched by the sun and the wind which then carries the smell. Ylang ylang develops the most important olfactory harmony of this frangrance. Decisive are the three notes of coconut, musk and heliotrope, worked with elegance and discretion which create a sweet scent that exudes a subtle iodized hint.


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Photography MARA CORSINO

A sense of suspense dominates the collection SS 13. The distinction between public and private, sleep and wakefulness, otium and negotium is obliterated with a rapid and precise sign, full of emotion but without pathos.


Taste for uniforms, for formular wearing, softens in the idea of productive idleness between four walls. The basic formula is jackets with pants, plus shirts, t-shirts, cardigans.


Tops have the durability of pajamas. Different pieces make a decomposable repertoire of possibilities to reconfigure ad libitum. Line is straight, perpendicular, burr-free; volumes are relaxed.


Tension between domestic dimension and public life is resolved in the alternation of firm materials – gabardine, fabric shirt, cotton – and liquid – jersey, satin, mako – of dry and snug forms.


The alternating sleep/wake continues in prints: squares of notebook, onomatopoeia, camouflage like flakes on home tiles.


Color palette is rational, with oneiric contradictions: white, black, gray, blue, and then clay, burnt hues, touches of blue and green. Accessories, household but never too simple, are sandals and slippers.


Angelo Flaccavento


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Shiseido this year celebrates its 140th anniversary, with the launch of an ultra-luxury edition of its best beauty product, limited to only three packages of 50 grams from $ 13,300 each, making it the most expensive face cream in the world. This is the “Clé de Peau Beauté”, also known as “La Crème”, which promises to firm and rejuvenate skin with powerful anti-wrinkle properties. Basic version is on sale in stores in packs of 180 grams at the cost of$ 632. In tribute to the 30 years since the birth of “Clé de Peau Beauté,” Shiseido commissioned a special package to Parisian sculptor- designer Olivier Sévère, of prestigious French crystalware house, “Saint-Louis” of Hermes Group; a special bottle able to evoke the history of this product and its projection into the future.


The result is a precious vase made of 30 layers of crystal embellished by three rings of platinum. Only three exclusive pieces were produced, which from August 30th until September 20th, may be booked at Shiseido’s international flagship stores, then sold through a lottery, using all names registered. Last but not least, Shiseido, however, decided to distribute “La Crème” in another anniversary version, at more reasonable prices, for the lucky ones: $ 1000 per pack, available in limited quantities only until September 21st, at flagship stores of the brand in Japan and in 10 other countries and regions of Asia and North America. Possible ven in times of economic restrictions.


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Photography SERENA ELLER Realization ALESSIO NESI

New summer scents are floral bouquets capable of giving off a symphonic miracle that takes place during certain hours. Time, an essential component of the structure of fragrances, allows in a steady growth of notes, to perceive their shape. The prelude of top notes have a smooth, fluid form. While the central ones, markedly romantic reinforce themselves until complete evaporation. More than fragrances these are musical harmonies enclosed in a universe of crystal with a pleasant personality. They express the adventurous romanticism of the 17th century, against the realistic contemporary pessimism.


From left: Eau de Toilette In Love Again YVES SAINT LAURENT. Eau de Toilette Gorgeus Gardenia GUCCI. Eau de Toilette Eau de Chloé CHLOÉ. Eau de Parfum Signorina SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. Eau de Parfum L.I.L.Y STELLA MCCARTNEY.

A special thank to ROMA LIUTERIA by Mathias Menanteau whom which this shooting would not have been possible.


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