Black. Aestethic, erotic, emphatic, mystic; this is the inevitable sign of mastership typical of bourgeois’ costume. Wire connecting most main trends of the season. With great narrative fluidity, it conveys ipersensual juices, it feeds the dream Givenchy and Chanel latest fragrances. The first, with Riccardo Tisci at the head of the brand for seven years, was released these days in Italy, after a year of good results in French perfume boutiques, with Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette Dahlia Noir , equipped with four body products and in November with a bottle produced in a limited edition made of Baccarat crystal.

Visuel-presseMaria Carla Boscono on set-commercial of the fragrance

“A mystic fragrance”, as defined by Tisci. Dahlia Noir is a reference of correspondances from nature and everyday life. Chypre floral, it mixes sacred and profane, it embodies purity of dark, romantic brightness of a flower which in nature does not smell of anything. Delicate as a powdery is the bouquet of Rose, Iris and Mimosa. Woody agreements close the olfactory composition.

DAHLIA-NOIR_75-ML-EDP-BOTTLEau de Parfum Dahlia Noir

Another olfactory composition, dark and bright, is the new Eau de Parfum Coco Noir, created by the nose of Jacques Polge. To inspire it a book by Paul Morand, Venises, the same Mademoiselle who in the twenties took refuge  in Venice after the tragic demise of her lover Boy Chapel. Outside of the usual Gothic meanings, like a prism of light, this fragrance absorbs all Coco Chanel‘s feelings to return them to every woman according to their own femininity.

PA2011_04_0052Eau de Parfum Coco Noir

In these scents its easy to imagine their multifaceted nature of black, its fortune and longevity as a tint of endless metaphors in fashion and beauty. Able to transcend all ages of taste. Over time. Cultures. Fashion. And it is not surprising that today it continues to inspire the most existential ideas but also the most luxurious ones in fashion.


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The growing success of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, Creative Directors of Valentino, has decreed the continuity of the kind of allure we call “extravagant chic“, with which Giancarlo Giammetti defined the style of the house, able to cross fickle fancies of fashion, which have always marked the originality of the couturier.

ValentinaAssoluto_1To crown this success, the launch of its fragrance l’Eau de Parfum Intense Valentina Assoluto. The nose Oliver Cresp convinces and moves with elegant and powdery olfactory accords but without romance, very feminine but without sentimentality.

ValentinaAssoluto_2Valentina Assoluto is a concentrate of images and visual motivation, a vitaminic Valentino juice. Hedonism, fragments of lace and neoclassical and baroque fragments of architecture, golden glows of vintage decorations which become liquid expression which traforms the experience of who wears it in a private self-seeking moment.

ValentinaAssoluto_3Its bouquet is composed of Jasmine, Tuberose and Vanilla in its top notes. The agreements boisè in its woody base notes give a vibrant hint in closing its olfactory construction. This new fragrance evokes fantasies suspended in an atmosphere of elegance and beauty, as precious as a dress, but available to everyone.


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From September the 7th, London’ Hoppen Gallery holds the exhibition Tights and Lips, based on the erotic univers of Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, 73, from Ikeda near Osaka.


An inventory of images made of strong colors, nude and erotic, which take on a value of self-determination, the perfect blend that combines ease and elegance. An ode to the freedom of body.


An hard and raw aesthetic, in soul and appearance, which tells the outposts of feminine mystique: a tangle of legs wrapped in fishnet stockings and lacquered lips.


Stockings and lipstick put emphasis on femininity, ephemeral instruments that define the thin line between pleasure of flesh and pure abstraction.


An erotic and dark revolution that this fall will certainly spread in fashion, in opposition to rampant conformism.


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