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Perfume is an invisible dress” says Monsieur Polge, interviewed by Mariangela Rossi in The Book of Perfume (Editions TEA) he explains “it is an extension of the gesture of the couturier. It reveals the interior dimension of feminity, the poetry of fashion, its mirror slow and hidden. For this reason the combination fashion and perfume, will never cease to exist and it is no coincidence that about 98% of fragrances on the market is signed by designers and Maisons”. Even the style of Yves Saint Laurent looks like a mirror with two faces, characterized by a unique body of work, simplicity on one hand, with formal rigor, purity of construction, fancies of seduction; the theater and the night on the order hand. From the simplification of nothing to the excess of maximalism. Even though innovative, outside the aesthetic meanings attributable to the brand, it remains as of today an impalpable presence, in constant motion.
Today noses Anne Flipo and Loc Don have distilled the allure of the couturier, in a singular essence. Here you go, Manifesto. The latest fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent. Impalpable. Volatile. Détachée. Spraying Manifesto is like discovering a treasure, a hymn to the joie de vivre, excesses without moderation. It tells us about the attitude of silents events, an implulsive esprit, artistic and punk. The olfactory harmony begins as on ode to spring due to its fresh, green and traslucent notes of thrush. A storm of sensations encased in a small universe of crystal. Recharge yourself of crazy grace when immoderatly using this fragrance, bearing in mind, as Baudelaire wrote, “There is a certain grandeur in all follies, a force in all excesses“. A fragrance that deserves to be lived.
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Photography SERENA ELLER Realization ALESSIO NESI

Simple and elegant. With red accents. The color palette of lipstick for the new season, experience the range of beige shades, invent bright and transparent shades, available in a wide range, from honey to brown, to brown more atypical. Strong colors for a nude look. The trick is there but not seen.


Clockwise: Rouge Coco 45 Caractère CHANEL. Rouge Pur Couture The Mats 202 Rose Crazy YVES SAINT LAURENT. Desert 109 DOLCE & GABBANA. Natural Monica 60 DOLCE & GABBANA. Nude Cashmere N°26 BURBERRY. Rouge Coco Shine 73 Chic CHANEL.


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A special evening of fashion, beauty and design, which aims to raise awareness and funds for the project by the non-profit organization Smile Project in the World, for children of Congo, Bangladesh and Guatemala. In its fourth annual meeting, the association Smile Project in the World works to support children with craniofacial malformations and damage who live in disadvantaged countries, and they do it with a medical team consisting of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other health professionals who are committed to helping children who are suffering from birth defects, burns and damage to their faces.


The charity evening which will take place Tuesday October the 23rd 2012 from 7pm onwards, at the facilities of Frigoriferi Milanesi, (Milan Via Piranesi 10) aims to raise funds that will be donated to the association. For sale: accessories, shoes and beauty products.


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Aware. Self-indulgent. Monothematic. Not all designers are the same. Some of their collections in some cases reflect their biographies. Each of them draws a world that corresponds to them. Signs become symbols of the world as they would like it to be. Somehow they only create clothes for themselves and for an audience of their own image. Some of them were able to extend their desire of appearance to all social classes. In every decade since last century, every designer has changed the silhouette buildingnew proportions and volumes for authentic uniforms.

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane ss-2013 - 2

The very last in order of time is Hedi Slimane, on his debut after five years of absence in charge of creative direction of Yves Saint Laurent. With great ease and without shame he restructures the brand starting from its name. He removes one of the Ytrois lettres magiques which French love so much and brings to the catwalk shirts with big bows, kaftans and chiffon cloaks, basically he recreates the YSL archive of the twentieth century inskinny-rock key. Palette of colors from black to nude.

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane ss 2013

Even with a nostalgic dimension, the collection is still a continuum of an aesthetic monothematic philosophy created mixingadolescent androgyny and dandyism in a unique formula, rich in existential poetry and minimal rock. Long and young bodies, dry beauty with a certain undisciplined temerity without solution of continuity. Fashion is also to sing old songs heard for some time.What is known, is also liked, what is new, scares (even though revised and corrected). Now despite some criticism, the collection will be a great success at the box office. You can count on it, where Slimane goes others follow.


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Fashion free itself from the excess of maximalism which was prevailing in most winter collections. As a detoxifying effect, catwalk proposals for summer 2013 would like to be a tribute to simplicity. A truth as easy as essential: if it is true that simplicity preserve mental health. Watch out though, simplicity does not mean flattening. It takes skill to simplify without losing anything essential and without making mistakes. Although many fashion shows in Milan and Paris have adopted a philosophy of subtraction and synthesis, in some cases a designer has lost his way and collections were unconvincing and lacking in pathos.

fashion-shows 2013

Images of spring-summer 2013 women fashion shows in Milan and Paris. From top left: ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, BALENCIAGA, CLAVIN KLEIN, CHALAYAN, GIVENCHY, JIL SANDER, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, PRADA, VIKTOR & ROLF.

Some designers with skill without losing anything essential through games of purity which stand as an exercise of form and function. These selected images tell of poetic clothes and zen, long and short, crossed by graphic inserts, draperies, architectural volumes. They undertake the maximization of white, surface that invites you to a calm chaos. A simplicity that would like to be seen as removal of the obvious and which would like to make people think, but it’s actually really unconvincing.


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