The great renovation of Italian photography started in the eighties with photographer Luigi Ghirri from the italian region of Emilia Romagna, him before others knew how to create a dialogue between photography, art, architecture, literature and  cinema. Painter of “thinking”, Luigi Ghirri has created something fascinating and not easy: the ability to use photography as intellectual tool  but also emotional to get in touch with the complexity of the outside world trying to tell the very many stories that are woven into it, in a thin continuous search path that ends to coincide with existence itself.



His work has had a special engraving on international visual culture. Until October 27, MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, dedicates to the work of Luigi Ghirri a retrospective exhibition, extensive and organic, entitled Thinking in Pictures, a collaboration between the Museum and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, the city where the photographer has lived and to which he left his archive of well over 250 thousand clicks.

11_LuigiGhirri_Capri 1981


With the exposure of 300 shots, all vintage prints, the viewer is invited to retrace the steps of photographer’s aesthetic , divided into three thematic sections: Icons, Landscapes, Buildings. Icons relate to the beginning and portray the everyday; landscapes describe places of affection and affirmation; architectures immersed in landscapes, form a whole with the atmosphere that surrounds them, from those anonymous to those of author Aldo Rossi, Carlo Scarpa and Paolo Portoghese.


Venice 1987 LUIGI GHIRRI

On display also published books,  magazines,  reviews that testify  his work as a publisher, critic and curator; a selection of photographs documenting encounters and collaborations with conceptual modenese artists in the early ’70s; record covers witnessing the interest of Ghirri for music, his relationship with musicians such as CCCP and Lucio Dalla.

19_LuigiGhirri_Versailles 1985

Versailles 1985 LUIGI GHIRRI

Behind every shot lies a long meditation in which  both personal expression and honesty with which the artist stands in front of his privacy emerge. Photographer experiences all situations that may amplify visual ambiguity through mirrors, glass, shadows and reflections; he assignes himself the task of digging up these common settings, that forgotten identity,  through a use of color that will be more refined over the years and that has found more and more followers in contemporary filmmakers and photographers.

12_LuigiGhirri_Bologna, 1987

Bologna 1987 LUIGI GHIRRI


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The best of Italian and French artistic perfumery. The encounter with natural and esoteric elements. Perfection of  olfactory harmonies rounded, woody, floral, oriental. Ethereal, baroque or conceptual. Soft and discreet. Collision between quality raw materials to translate into notes and chords also spirit and style of current and historical characters that affect aesthetics of contemporary society. On sale in the best concept store of the world. It’s new Haute Parfumery.

Profumi-Edizioni Rare-Proprietexclusive

From left: Eau de Toilette N° XIV Ambre di MAD et LEN. Perfumery brand based in Grasse, in the south of France. It creates handmade natural flavors with craftsmanship savoir-faire. Eau de Parfum ID di MENDITTOROSA. Italian brand of Stefania Squeglia, which creates spiritual fragrances “Smells are vehicles for souls meeting”, explain Squeglia. The brand made its debut at Pitti Fragrances and comes with a trilogy: Alpha and Omega ID. ID is a conceptual fragrance with the ambition to be the smell of a black lava stone heated by the sun. DRIES VAN NOTEN Par FREDERIC MALLE. The famous French perfumer, translates the sartorial style of the “tailor explorer”. The genius nose of Frederic Malle has imagined the creation where the style of Dries Van Noten could be reflected, while the hand of Bruno Jovanovic (nose of IFF) has composed the jus formula, played through an olfactory pyramid built with Guaiac Wood, Cashmeran, Saffron, Jasmine, Tonka bean, Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood of Mysore coming from forests regulated by environmentally sustainable programs. Last but not least, Absolu Eau de Parfum ÉDITION RARE VICI by HISTOIRES de PARFUMESThe Maître Parfumeur, Gérald Ghislain who, since 1999 creates rare and delicate fragrances, gives us the chance to live again the force Julius Caesar’s words, divided into three particular fragrances. After being crowned for a triumphant military conquest, Caesar, delivered, in front of the Roman Senate, the famous phrase “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. Eau de parfum Vici, in particular, embodies fire, which translates into passion and power. He wants to be an invitation to encourage men to have both wisdom and awareness, extremely rare commodity these days.


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Photography SIMONE PARRI Realization ALESSIO NESI

Consumers of cosmetics are becoming more and more alert and aware. They are able to build their own beauty-routine according to their personal and seasonal needs. they are so well informed that they can chose between different active ingredients that work alone or together. For this reason functional products are experiencing a new era of popularity; simple and basic, consisting of individual substances to be used alone or in combination for an enhanced action both in the morning and in the evening. Molecules and numbers outline pure active’s aspects with intelligent formulas and innovative variations for regenerating, moisturizing and lifting treatments. they ensure a quick and accurate action.


1010 Serum Mille, serum extraordinary 24 carat pure gold encapsulated with effective anti-aging peptides; it is an activator of cells MARIA GALLAND PARIS. Triple-Action Micropolish & Peel with 10% glycolic acid ALGENIST. Re-Plasty intense wrinkle corrector & elasticity restorer,  filling concentrate, released by its applicator for maximum precision,  which frees anti-aging molecule LR 2412 by HELENA RUBINSTEIN. Vinosource crème SOS yeux sensibles, soothes and moisturizes for a fresh, bright look, by CAUDALIE.


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Some contemporary essences, master techniques of a knowledge. They are home to perfume composer’s archetype. Eau de parfum Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel created by Jacques Polge will be in perfumery fromMay with a special pack of 200 ml. His arrangements are revealed as an harmonic series, guided by a poetic project which reconstructs a scenario: the flowery meadow. Abstract fragrance, evocative and fleeting like butterfly, its spreads atmosphere and evokes feeling. The bottle not only holds an olfactory harmony, but a gust of wind, warm and light. Ten seconds are more than enough to feel projected in a cool and idyllic rural landscapes, in the red light of spring evening at dusk.


Eau de Parfum Coco Mademoiselle by CHANEL


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Photography SIMONE PARRI Realization ALESSIO NESI

Sophisticated not improvised. Spring make-up draws inspiration from the underground society. Graphic with rich, saturated colors expresses a  free and independent soul and it does not indulge in easy traditionalisms. A softpunk mood with strong tones, sweet as a box of macarons from Ladurée. Mixing natural and electrical tones with a predominance of pink in a growing scale from fuchsia to purple. The theme of the season prefers supersleek effects.


From left: Rouge Allure Velvet 43 La Favorite CHANEL. Shine Lipstick 180 Perla DOLCE & GABBANA. Volupté Sheer Candy 9 Goyave Sorbet YVES SAINT LAURENT.


Fron left: Nail Lacquer 34 Jade Impérial YVES SAINT LAURENT. Nail Colour 571 Fracas CHANEL. Nail Lacquer 35 Bronze Pyrite YVES SAINT LAURENT.


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