In partnership with Marella

Humor full of elegant sophistications for colored and gilded accessories  coming from next winter season, which follow simple shapes a bit retro. Starring: clutch, jewelry, shoes, gloves and belts. For short dresses of devorè velvet with shining decorations. Common denominator is a lively and light-hearted mood for wanna be rebels with judgment and wardrobe à la page. It expresses the bold temperament of a fresh and light female personality, adverse to common cliché.

Stardust-ProprietexclusiveThe new glamor prefers a soft and impalpable beauty in synergy with autumn make up palette collections. Lipstick and blush coordinated with shiny effect on complexion, declined in endless variations of pink, from natural to apricot, from coraline to a more intense fuchsia and bordeax. Dominant themes of light and color on accessories and make-up, perform an upgrade of seduction with a double goal: to reconcile an authentic range of luminescence with very sweet tones on female outline; and to give a boost of positivity and lightness compared to current uncertainty and relativism.


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Valentina Oud Assoluto, the new Eau de Parfum by Valentino. Sillage that comes from Eastern Heavens mysticism. It emphasizes wearer personality and character. In partnership with

Fragrances just like portraits reflect character and personality. They are tools to define the wearer personal identity or collectivity. They can be esoteric (Sahara Noir by Tom Ford), radiant (Jour d’Hermes), exquisite (Honey by Marc Jacobs) or originals like Valentina Oud Absolute, the new Eau de Parfum by Valentino. In its blaze and formal rigor it embodies an eccentric and sophisticated pussycat’s allure, emblem of that chic-extravagant used some ime ago by Giancarlo Giammetti to define the style of Valentino. Today a stronghold of the maison, self affirmed with masterly executive expertise in clothes and accessories collections from the designer duo Chiuri and Piccioli .

ValentinaOudAssoluto-ProprietexclusiveValentina Oud Assoluto by VALENTINO

Keyword: Personality with a capital P for those who love to surprise with character. The same temperament with which Olivier Cresp, nose of this olfactory harmony, carries ancient hints of oriental heavens to contemporary Western boudoir. Exotic sillage created with agarwood, a fragrant resin, rare and precious to be considered in the ancient oriental legends finest than gold, which transforms the olfactory harmony in a seductive elixir. Enriched with orange flowers, Cardamom, Bulgarian Rose, Saffron, Vanilla, it is kept in a black bottle ever made by Venetian glass masters. Black appears once again as a link between main trends of this season. With great narrative fluidity, it conveys ipersensual jus , feeding the dream of oriental resins. Beauty that is never easy to define, is narrated by a tint of endless metaphors, capable of transcending geographical coordinates of taste.


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From today on top of my collaboration with, Marella and Mandittorosa, I start with this article on a new collaboration with Malo Diary: illustrations and news on a monthly basis. Happy reading!

A famous quote by Coco Chanel says: “fashion goes away, style stays“. The reason of a brand success is explained the exact same way as this quote. Malo Style talks about silent elegance, Style as tradition, narrative, construction and culture. Nourished by a savoir-faire capable of creating since always timeless clothes and accessories, which can be worn for years, mixing them with new items, season after season. Emotions and suggestions which reflect on the noble pound of cachemire and on accessories, to complement female collection with a repertoire of possibilities, within which everyone can find their won path, for free associations.


New accessories created for autumn winter collection 2013, reflect in their own little way, all aestethic of florentine maison which was born from a classical as well as concrete vision.  Thought for daily use as well as spare time, Doctor Bag, created in total color look, combined with a 70’s lace shoes with high heel, prefers a bon ton shape, constructed with a very simple line. Color and material think about giving a whole vision and to transport these new pieces beyond contemporary, time and fashion.


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