Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort, part of chain Leading Hotels of the World, Leading Spas of the World, Leading Golf and Virtuoso, is located in the heart of Tuscan Maremma, down below the medieval village of Saturnia, in the province of Grosseto, between two promontories of Piombino and Argentario. After being recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 best hot beneficial springs in Europe and again by Fodor ‘s – the world ‘s largest publisher of travel guides written entirely in English – among the best spa resorts in Europe, once again Saturnia Terme enters the world rankings, distinguishing itself for its beauty treatments that use gold, diamonds and Antarctic ice; for its medical treatments and for its thermal spring that has healing powers. According to a CNN ranking , famous American broadcaster, Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is the best spa in the world where to relax body and mind. It was the only Italian center to excel in a list of 19 SPAS and Thermal spas around the world from Oman to UK, Spain, India, Switzerland, Indonesia, Portugal, California, South Africa, Israel , Thailand, France, Quebec, Iceland, Costa Rica, Australia and Utah. An ancient and magical place to really take in consideration for your next holiday .

Sorgente-Hotel-Proprietexclusive Terme di SATURNIA Spa & Golf Resor


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In the chaos of trends and heavy frivolities coming from the world of ephemeral, new suggestions emerge coming from a greater focus on the quality of our lives: from the measurement of time as wealth, attention to body, health and well-being. A part of the world that responds to this interminable crisis wants to restore the best among past values, directing individuals to focus on the concrete against the indefinite, stability against the transient, value against illusion. It may be defined as a “return to substance”, or “back to basic ” which restarts behavior. This way, perfumes play a crucial role. Master perfumers have always rielaborated trends oriented significantly on the quality of raw materials. Spring 2014 new fragrances are an ode to joy, with floral bouquets from perfume tradition. The Rose will be one of the predominant elements of classical harmonies, from its powdery notes arise poetic and romantic emotions.

Chloe-ProprietexclusiveEau de Parfum CHLOÉ

One of the fragrances that embodies the most the forthcoming trend  is  Roses de Chloé, with which the French fashion house is celebrating five years of success and stylish variations: from the first Eau de Parfum presented in 2008  to the latest Eau de Chloé launched in 2012. In the olfactory pyramid  built by master perfumers Michel Alamirac and Mylène Alran, the Rose, inspires a value of continuity and renewal in accordance with habits. The freshness of Bergamot  joins the heart of Damask Rose and Magnolia, to finish with a weak sillage of White Musk and Amber, so ethereal to give a charm of presence and absence, which prestige, substantial and persistent, can be caught in a “moment of encounter”.


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Advertising campaigns are a coordinated series of targeted advertising messages to achieve a purpose. They are as expensive as artworks most of all when they are taken by famous photographers. They have the fundamental advantage of being much more easily decipherable of documents and archives. They are in essence and form ready for games of semiotic and semantic interpretations.

1-ADV-Vanottil-ss12 LUCIO VANOTTI Spring-Summer 2012 Phtography MARA CORSINO – Image inspired by a marble torso from the 2nd century

In the history of fashion, there are many advertising campaigns that carry the name of major brands, just remember the controversial advertising campaign by Oliviero Toscani for Benetton, young boys in 1995 by Calvin Klein snapped by Steven Meisel, the ironic interpretations of Moschino. Effective tools to tell at glance the spirit of the time. Currently there are few advertising campaigns that offer food for thoughts, those of Lucio Vanotti, for example, illuminate and are funny as fascinating quotes and as the most famous works of art of past centuries.

2-ADV-Vanotti-ss13 LUCIO VANOTTI Spring-Summer 2013 Photography BEA DE GIACOMO  – “La Reproduction interditeby MAGRITTE 1937

Vanotti’s images synthesize the creative process of the collection, tell of geometric formalism of rational clothes, measured and silent atmosphere in which they are immersed. “Art for me is always a source of departure for the collection, which then translates into everyday practical clothes and in these photos can regain their aesthetic origin“, explains the designer. The inventory of images he created catalogs famous works coming from different historical and style periods: from Classicism to Renaissance until Surrealism passing from the Metaphysical. From an ancient torso of the Roman era of the 2nd century BC, to the double portrait of the Dukes of Urbino by Piero della Francesca in 1465, the Man with the Bowler Hat by Magritte in 1964 to De Chirico’s metaphysical scenarios.

3-ADV-Vanotti-aw13-14 LUCIO VANOTTI Autumn-Winter 2013 Photography FRANCESCA FORQUET – “Fils de l’homme by MAGRITTE in 1964 –

Vanotti borrows from art history signs of past ages to update them in the present. He does this by quoting without copying, following personal criteria that reduce images to the bone. “Citing the work of art is for me a way to communicate the starting point of inspiration of a collection and to make the viewer part of the creative process. Common thread is classicism. The same for all artists cited above who referred to past eras therefore it is a continuous return. A sort of sharing “.

4-ADV-Vanotti- aw13-14 LUCIO VANOTTI Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Photography FRANCESCA FORQUET – Image inspired by the double portrait of the dukes of Urbino by PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA in 1465

Primary goal is the recovery and revaluation of classicism as a model of man naturality, released from the fashionable vision that has influenced the culture of the last decade. For Vannotti the need to create his own encyclopedic aesthetic samples, made of stable, static, rugged, balanced images is as easily absorbed as easily recognizable by the viewer. It is mostly an exercise of style, tied to memory, necessary to the process of design, to atmosphere, to pleasure .

5-ADV-Vanotti-ss14 LUCIO VANOTTI Spring-Summer 2014 Photography FRANCESCA FORQUET – Image inspired byOrfeo trovatore stanco1970 by DE CHIRICO –


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Men’s fashion shows in Paris have come to an end with Saint Laurent collection, designed by Hedi Slimane. As always, the most interesting for shapes and volumes. Slimane has always been attracted by subcultural movements especially if linked to musical movements, from which he always takes the predominant signs to create his collections. For his Autumn-Winter 2015 collection he takes Teddy Boys as a reference; this english subcultural  movement born at the beginning of the fifties and created by tailors of Saville Row, then at their economic recovery after the Second World War, then inextricably related to American rock and roll. With romantic expression male silhouette remains the same as Always; from perfect tailoring with skeletal slim fit: skinny jeans and a selection of stylish tweed digital outerwear, maxi pied-de-poule, micro-leopard inlays on studded leather jacket and silver studs, stylish lurex blazer for the evening. One of the most interesting collections among all men’s fashion shows presented.

TeddyBoys-SaintLaurent-ProprietexclusiveSAINT LAURENT par HEDI SLIMANE Fall-Winter 2014-2015

Hedi Slimane, more then other designers of his generation, has a strong sense of present. His clothes are true and authentic products, graphic and sharp, created with executive and magistral  attention and are sold every season to million of people who appreciate his style. His philosophy never loses itself in poetic speculations, because it is aware that fashion is a business made ​​up of images that need to captivate the audience and clothes that must be sold; its collections are products seen as an end to themselves, without the presumtion to be true works of art. After all, even Coco Chanel used to say often: “we need to talk about fashion, but without dementia, and especially without poetry, without literature. A dress is neither a tragedy or a picture, it is a is a delightful and ephemeral creation, not an eternal work of art Fashion must die, and die quickly, so that trade can live“. It does not matter whether they are Grunge or Teddy, clothes should be beautiful and well built. Who has a real sense of present today, scoops  box offices every season and it seems that Hedi has learnt this lesson very well.


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Restless adolescence and sub-cultural movements in the suburbs are predominant signs of the aesthetic research by Raf Simons. The advertising campaign for Spring-Summer collection 2014 develops an inventory of images that features a beardless boy with a lysergic charm, photographed by Willy Wanderperre and styled by Oliver Rizzo; he is immersed in a decadent atmosphere typical of an industrial archaeological landscape in the outskirts of Antwerp. Silhouette, basic and severe, made of small jackets and long printed t-shirts, looks like a walking billboard that advertises synthetic products.

low_res_RAF_SS_14-2_RGBAdvertising campaign for Spring-Summer collection 2014

low_res_RAF_SS_14-4_RGBAdvertising campaign for Spring-Summer collection 2014


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