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An intense trail, made unique by Vanilla, Tolù balm and by the carnal beauty of the essence of Rosa Damascena. The new olfactory declination of Poison Girl by Dior is a lovely floral sillage enclosed in the iconic bottle, shaped like a tempting apple. “It is instantly recognizable, a delicious reminder that avoids notes too sweet, almost sugarcoated“. Nose creator François Demachy explains. It develops a flirtatious side, a seductive attitude, casual, dangerous, free and young, just like that of those who are used to New York underground society nightclubs, such as the Boom Boom Room, for example, where the commercial of this perfume was filmed. Remember: Rosam Cape / Spinam Cave. Seize the Rose but be careful to its thorn.

PoisonGirl-Dior-AlessioNesiMy personal interpretation of the Eau de Parfum Poison Girl by DIOR



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Per leggere la recensione in italiano apri il link di ELLE.IT

The real revolution today is to escape the noise of contemporaneity to explore more intimate and personal dimensions. Salvatore Ferragamo drives this trend with his new fragrance, Signorina Misteriosa, in all perfumeries from February 15th. It is not a sillage but a strong whisper, without unnecessary distortions of genres or styles, which plays with subtle tremors in its olfactory pyramid and which was created by a great team with Nicolas Beaulieu, Sophie Labbè and Juliette Karagueuzoglou (IFF).

SignorinaMisteriosa-Ferragamo-AlessioNesiMy own personal interpretation of  Eau de Parfum Signorina Misteriosa by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO

The innovative olfactory harmony is built with dark shades and a gourmand heart: Wild Blackberry, Neroli, Orange blossom and Tuberose together with Black Vanilla Mousse and Patchouli in its base notes which all create a real seductive charm. The result is a fruity oriental, enclosed in a precious black bottle. Stoic and discreet, Signorina Misteriosa, despises all kinds of luxury except that of its proud solitude. Renew in perfumery as well as in fashion, is a mild business and the florentine fashion maison hits the spot with its search of a timeless contemporaneity with the strength of an enduring, classic and upstream style.



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Tarots are a powerful projective tool, thank to which we can bring out desires, needs, fantasies. They are a great support to meditate on current situation where many seek shelter in spirituality and in a mascot that supports. So this same way even headscarves, as many other items, from perfumes to jewelery, can become objects of luck. From decorative signs from the world of superstition comes the new Spring-Summer 2016 Capsule Collection by Alessio Nesi for Marella. Three prints, for scarves and dresses, interpret in a personal way, the three major and more proactive arcanes among Tarots: the Wheel of Fortune, the Stars, the Sun. Symbologies enriched and completed by zodiac signs, planetary symbols, the elements of nature. New designs by Alessio Nesi, become ancestral coordinates necessary to steer feelings and moods. They combine antique and contemporary. Nesi takes off brocade from walls, the Neoclassical from institutional palaces and connects them to signs and to prevailing symbols of alchimich and astrological doctrines to show how an old and esoteric sign can become contemporary and conceptual, when viewed through the eyes of the present. Mix n’match: eclectic, unpredictable, positively cranky with a boho-chic intellectual esprit made of contrasts and frictions which combine graphic eccentricity with playful pragmatism.

1-Fortune-Marella-AlessioNesiTHE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Interpretation of Arcane N°10. It is a medieval symbol which represents the cyclical nature of universal rhythms, alternation of day and night, moon phases, motions of planets, change of seasons. The wheel is the symbol of life, of fortune, the sum of those movements from which life arises.

2-Sun-Marella-AlessioNesiTHE SUN. Interpretation of Arcane N°19. It represents the reason, the triumphant principle of light and truth. Along with tarot THE WORLD is the most successful and reassuring card among all tarots.

3-Stars1-Marella-AlessioNesiTHE STARS [Black Version]Interpretation of Arcane N°17. Symbol of peace, justice, harmony. It shows Venus pouring water into dry land. It indicates the rebirth of vegetation. Stars are the Pleiades. This tarot announces good prospects for the future, new guidelines,  positive astral influences, spiritual growth, to overcome obstacles.

4-Stars2-Marella-ALessioNesiSTARS [Red Version]

Illustration-Marella-AlessioNesiIllustration – 1 

Illustration-Marella-AlessioNesi-N2Illustration – 2

I Tarocchi sono un potente strumento proiettivo, grazie al quale possiamo far emergere desideri, bisogni, fantasie. Sono un ottimo supporto per meditare sulla situazione attuale dove in molti cercano riparo nella spiritualità e in una mascotte che sostiene. Così anche i foulard, come molti atri oggetti, dai profumi ai gioielli, possono trasformarsi in oggetti portafortuna. Dai segni decorativi provenienti dal mondo della superstizione nasce la nuova Capsule Collection Alessio Nesi per Marella Primavera-Estate 2016. Tre stampe, per foulard e abiti, interpretano, in chiave personale, i tre arcani maggiori più propositivi dei Tarocchi: La Ruota della Fortuna, le Stelle, il Sole. Simbologie arricchite e completate dai segni zodiacali, i simboli planetari, gli elementi della natura. I nuovi disegni di Alessio Nesi, diventano coordinate ancestrali necessarie a orientare sentimenti e stati d’animo. Uniscono antico e contemporaneo. Nesi toglie il broccato dai muri, il Neoclassico dai palazzi istituzionali e li unisce ai segni e le simbologie predominanti dalle dottrine alchimiche e astrologiche per dimostrare quanto un segno antico ed esoterico possa diventare contemporaneo e concettuale, se guardato con gli occhi del presente. Mix n’ match: eclettico, imprevedibile, positivamente squinternato e un esprit boho-chic, intellettuale fatto di contrasti e frizioni che si conciliano, eccentricità grafica mista a ludico pragmatismo.



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Per leggere la recensione in italiano apri link di ELLE.IT

There is a novelty in perfumery. It has an  intriguing packaging – a delicately faceted gem, which catches the light creating sparkling reflections just like the sun does when reflected on water, managing to be preserved, watched and remembered; it contains a bouquet of great fragrances. Paradiso Azzurro by Roberto Cavalli is the second creation by the nose Louise Turner (Givaudan). She tells it with signs of nature, with a mix of nice parfumed notes which evoke the caressing sea breeze of the Mediterranean coast.

ParadisoAzzurro-RobertoCavalli-AlessioNesiMy own personal interpretation of  Eau de Parfum Paradiso Azzurro by ROBERTO CAVALLI

Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine heated by Cypress wood and Cashmeran as base notes which give to it a mesmerizing and persistent dimension. Cavalli’s nymphets take the form of bewitching marmaids, echo to the mythological beauty of our atavistic culture, made of romantic languors which remind us of  the phytomorphic sumptuous lines  of Alfons Mucha and surroundings. A fragrance for free spirits. Between lyricism and sensuality. Go try it.



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