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Prada chaotic world finds liquid expression in its Infusion, a collection of six iconic olfactory harmonies, created b Miuccia Prada’s insights and harmonized by the nose Daniela Andrier. Iris, Iris Cèdre, Fleur d’Oranger, Amande, Œillet and Vetiver, now enriched with Mimosa, a new and delicate fragrance, born from the tree in full bloom, which in the south of France takes place in late summer. A radiant and vibrant fragrance, just like a light, incredibly present but impossible to grasp, enriched with Star Anise, essence of Mandarin and Rose oil, which cites neoclassical agreements not only in the olfactory pyramid.

PRADA-MIMOSA-PROPRIETEXCLUSIVEMy personal interpretation of Mimosa, the new fragrance from Les Infusions collection by PRADA.

Les Infusions by Prada are a poetic interpretation of each single and emblematic natural ingredient, in a constant dialogue between tradition and modernity. Infusions by Prada, just like the meaning of each word, are not only harmonies but they instill a mood, they convey a message, they are a reality built with opulent collages born from to a thought always offbeat and adverse to conventions, always revolutionary, capable to trigger a subjective reproduction of memories linked to the past as well as daily quotes as the highest expression that exceeds the boundaries of reality. Beyond time. Cultures. Fashion. Stereotypes, male and female. Miuccia, and it is not a coincidence, it is always ahead of everyone.



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