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In the second half of last century when Yves Saint Laurent was creating his collections, he was always influenced by whatever was going on around him. His clothes were beautiful, especially the collection of 1978, an objective fact. In a time when App for new experiences are absolutely exploding, love becomes fluid, we love outside of our usual schemes. Everything is mixed to the underground and to music. Mon Paris, the new fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent, is a calm chaos, it creates the vertigo of a love story that lives the instant euphoria. Harmony inspired by the essence of the Ville Lumière, but if you expected the classical retro trail of scent, you will be disappointed, Mon Paris is the first narcotic white chypre with an hypnotic sillage created by the collaboration of three famous perfumers: Oliver Cresp, Dora Bagriche and Harry Fremont.

MonParis-AlessioNesi My interpretation of Mon Paris YSL

The olfactory harmony reverses the usual structure of chypre scents, composed by the elixir of Datura – hallucinogenic and poisonous flower, used by the Aztecs in their shamanistic rites and captured by Firmenich with the headspace technique – softened by the variety of Patchouli from Guatemala and Indonesia which create a persistent base over time. Essential as a smoking jacket, feverish as the city to which it is dedicated, Mon Paris, is a lysergic fragrance that keeps suspended and inert in a state of apparent calm right in line with the zeitgeist. A masterpiece.



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