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Gender free marketing, as professionals like to call it, corresponds to the sum of ways to communicate to an audience equally male and female with products that relying on general aspirations, jump over sex differences. The very last example on the market are the new fragrances by GUCCI GUILTY, For Him and For Her. They tell the new aesthetic vision of Creative Director Alessandro Michele, started from catwalks and now spread to every aspect of the brand, including the world of fragrances. These fragrances celebrate emancipated sexuality, individuality and charm of the indefinite.

gucci-guilty-alessionesiMy interpretation of GUCCI GUILTY For Her and For HIM

The new olfactory agreements reflect the new attitude of the brand. They represent freedom breaking patterns through agreements of traditional male and female fragrances. GUCCI GUILTY For Her, for example, is defined by a special agreement fougere of Geranium, usually used in men fragrances, together with the flower of lilac and Amber which together gives the fragrance warmth and grace. GUCCI GUILTY For Him, conversely, opens with a note of lemon, enhanced by lavender and patchouli and is distinguished by the sensuality of orange flower that accentuates the charm of the fragrance without conforming to classic male essences. New Gucci Fragrances mix genres and break down stereotypes. Have formulas him / her, are created for changeable and open minded identities.



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