Evocative designs combine smell to memory. Each fragrance interpreted combines images, feelings and emotions. A short florilegium of my three favorite fragrances at the moment, two dedicated to REPLICA of Maison Margiela, born from the line launched in 2012 based on a timeless aesthetic, Promenade in the Gardens and Glow. The third one is Dior Homme by Christian Dior. A masterpiece of contemporary men’s perfumery.

Glow REPLICA FILTER by MAISON MARGIELA brings to mind the brightness of a sunny afternoon.

Dior Homme 2005 by CHRISTIAN DIOR, created in 2005 by Olivier Polge and Hedi Slimane, with its sophisticated classicism stands out from any olfactory trend on the market today. Absolute masterpiece.

Promenade in the Gardens, REPLICA by MAISON MARGIELA represents the romance of an english garden where wanderers can be surprised by a bouquet of floral notes in the chaotic order of a bush.


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