While foreign newspapers from the New York Times to the Washington Post comment without going too much around in circle the last elections in Italy, highlighting the victory of populism, euroscepticism and the extreme right, I console myself watching New York, Milan and Paris fashion shows and selecting an anthology of images that made me think about the overpowering return of the 80’s excess. A fashion made of excessive and extravagant shapes, caused by a greater need for freedom and narcissistic gratifications. Geometric silhouettes, important shoulders, bright colors, punk mood, immersed in a general air of assertive grandeur. “Just on time!” I thought. Because against difficult days and uncertain times, broad shoulders and irreverence are needed and not only in Italy.

GUCCI Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Look N° 60 Milan Fashion Week. 

VERSACE Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Look N° 23 Milan Fashion Week. 

MARC JACOBS Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Look N° 14 NY Fashion Week. 


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