Gucci fashion shows are prefect operations, in which every look is not a set of clothes but a character with a precise character, inserted in an ad hoc environment. The more seasons pass the more fantasy fits into the mix, making it more extreme. Each element of the collection starting from accessories, helps to build a character that lives on its own. A set of elements captured from every where, taken from the history of fashion and custome, made to clash to express hidden energies. Gucci sunglasses 2018 Spring-Summer collection are a classic example. Eyemasks with futuristic shapes and 80s retro inspiration, rounded lines, rectangular cuts that play with contrasts of color, dark, smoky or transparent lenses. Worn by 10 historical figures borrowed from the world of music, Japanese manga, history and costume, make up this collection of 10 illustrated cameos: Simonetta Vespucci, Siouxsie Sioux, Madame Du Barry, Sarah Bernhardt, Nefertiti, Elizabeth I, Coco Chanel, Creamy Mami, Marchesa Luisa Casati, David Bowie. For each one of them, an own model; let yourself be inspired!

SIMONETTA VESPUCCI wears a square monochrome acetate mask with rectangular lenses. Leading detail: a red tear enriched with a bright Swarovski crystal set in the center.

SIUXSIE SIOUX wears asymmetric eyeglasses from the Resort 2018 collection.

MADAME DU BARRY, cat-eye wears sunglasses with Swarovski cristals.

SARAH BERNHARDT wears square sunglasses alone inspired by the shapes of the 60s. The oversized frame is embellished with hand-applied Swarovski stones.

ELIZABETH I, wears sunglasses “D-FRAME”.

NEFERTITI, wears unisex mask with a futuristic shape caracterized by a traingular oversize ciliary embellished by studs and hand applied Swarovski cristals.

COCO CHANEL, wears sunglasses “D-FRAME”.

CREAMY MAMI, cat-eye wears sunglasses with Swarovski cristals.


DAVID BOWIE, wears squared sunglasses with vintage inspiration. Available in Shiny Black with Solid Grey lenses or in Shiny Ivory with Solid Grey lenses.