The successful series of Illustrated Postcards by MARELLA continues. Fall-Winter 2018 Scarf collection focuses on the animals of the African continent, mixing Art-Decò references and quotations. Just as Albini was already doing in the seventies, we can imagine tomorrow looking at yesterday.  A practice that is very widespread today in the meltin ‘pot of “everything goes with everything”, thinking of the new. In an interview published in WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY in 1983, Walter Albini explained: “I like the period from 1925 to 1935. Because I believe it was the decade in which all aspects of human existence were revolutionized. Classical examples the boyish haircut, the skirts that have shortened more and more, the elimination of corsets, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, Garbo and Dietrich, Bauhaus and the Art-Decò. Changes in music, dance, painting, architecture and lifestyle have been epochal and widespread to such an extent that even today we are living the results of those experiences“. How to deny his point of view. Actually observing the history of fashion from the times of Chanel to today, despite the succession of designers, styles and eras, the elements that make up the female silhouette have remained the same: jacket – shirt – skirt. This small collection of scarves are a tribute to the atmosphere, the quotes of style 25 that marked history of fashion in the seventies and gave birth toItalian prêt-à-porter thanks to the genius of Walter Albini who remains today not only an influencer but a true style originator.

FLAMINGOS pattern for scarves.

LEOPARD pattern for scarves.

SWALLOWS pattern for scarves.

PYTHONS pattern for scarves.

RHINOCEROS pattern for scarves.


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