HEDI SLIMANE clothes shot on some of the last decade editorial shootings. Slimane is not a common INFLUENCER but an ORIGINATOR, a creative person capable of giving birth to a poetry of his own as well as creating waves because creation comes from constant dialectic with the status quo.

NEW BIG PRINZ, editorial published on ARENA HOMME PLUS N°25 Summer/Autumn 2006 Photo by CRAIG MCDEAN Styling PANOS YIAPANIS.

SPRING PALCE, editorial published on NUMÉRO HOMME N°12 Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 Photo by DANIEL JACKSON Styling ALASTAIR MCKIMM.

PERESTROIKA MON AMOUR, editorial published on VMAN Issue N°5 Fall/Winter 2005 Photo by COLLIER SCHORR Styling ANDREW RICHARDSON.

THE BRITISH YOUTH PORTFOLIO, editorial published on Dazed & Condused Vol.2 Issue N°70 January 2009 (Alex Bailey, 18).


RITUAL, editorial published on Dazed & Condused Vol.2 Issue N°16 August 2004 Photo by HEDI SLIMANE.

LIKELY LAD, editorial published on MAN ABOUT TOWN N°05 Autumn/Winter 2009 Photo by HEDI SLIMANE.


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Three new olfactory harmonies. The best perfumes released in September. They are a psychological investigation of the character of each brand, without any role plays or false appearances. Bright and decadent overtures synthesize in a jus passionate and rebellious personalities. They leave a solar aura on the skin and they send a modern message that invite every woman to live freely.

FUCKING FABULOUS by TOM FORD limited edition has a balmy oriental scent; among the main notes bitter Almond oil, Tonka, Giaggiolo’s agreement, Cashmeran, Leather, Salvia Sclarea oil.

GABRIELLE by CHANEL created by the nose perfumer Monsieur Olivier Polge in collaboration with the Laboratoire Parfums CHANEL. Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Orange flower are blended with a soft touch of Tuberosa that exalts with Sandalwood. An absolute masterpiece.

 GUCCI BLOOM created by Alessandro Michele – Creative Director of Maison Gucci – with the perfumer master Alberto Morillas. Natural Tuberose, harvested in India, is married to Jasmine and for the first time used in perfumery the Rangoon Creeper,  a plant discovered  in South India. Its bouquet is a concentrate of energy that joins the enchantment of a flowered universe.


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Autumn / Winter 2017 make-up collections take inspiration from nature. They are a road trip among continents with the aim of discovering the lights and colors of the world: from the darkness of Indian forests to the subtropical landscapes of Savannah, metropolitan realities, countryside gardens. A journey to create unreleased combinations with new shades of color coming from tree barks, flowers, water depths, fresh air but also from tire tracks, headlamp lights and so on… Soft textures with metallic effects for a radiant and natural color revolutionized by new application techniques which redefine gestuality with a simple touch.

Make-Up Metallics Collection by DIOR Fall17, clockwise: lipstick 999 Metallic, nail varnish Paradox 917, Palette 5 Couleurs 457 Fascinate.

Make-Up Collection by SISLEY Paris Fall17, clockwise: Phyto-Blush Twist Petal, Phyto Sourcils Design 3 Brun, Rouge à Levrès Longue Tenue.

Make-Up Collection Travel Diary by CHANEL Fall17, clockwise: Rouge Allure Velvet 64 First Light, Essential Palette, Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Eye Brown Pencil.


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Emilio Pucci imagined the popular print VIVARA while flying over the Mediterranean sea observing sun lights on the waves. The bright color pattern has worn during the years all bottles of VIVARA fragrance. My intervention here was to interpret in an absolute personal way a detail of this print considering it as an atmosphere where to put flora and fauna coming from those places by the Mediterranean sea: Cheetah, Swallows, Horses, Lilies, symbol of Tuscany. This approach just want to give another way to read “living” VIVARA, coming out of the usual schemes, without breaking them but trying to contribute to enrich and honour a favourite piece between the historical patterns of the florentine maison that has done the history of italian fashion.

Scarf print VIVARA motif with Horse.

Illustrations made for the comunication of VIVARA motif with Horse.

Scarf print VIVARA motif with Cheetah.

Illustrations made for the comunication of VIVARA motif with Cheetah.

Scarf print VIVARA motif with Swallows.

Illustrations made for the comunication of VIVARA motif with Swallows.


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The environmental transformation and the degradation of society. Power and evil. Two sides of the same coin. They grow in tandem with a dantesque motion. This series of prints are inspired by the second part of the book Petrolio by Pier Paolo Pasolini. A party inspired by Dostoevskij called I Dèmoni. The reason is the denunciation of the “transformation-involution” of contemporary Italy, which large-format (2×2-meter) prints rely on structures of a scientific and mythological nature to represent through dissections of gothic creatures, future ruins of our civilization, won by the deep path of nature.








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A decadent and twilight like atmosphere defines the new theme of the season for Autumn-Winter prints by MARELLA Accessories 2018 designed by Alessio Nesi. Hand-painted prints with “Off Color” shades. Natural nuances become the sum of discrete chromatic arrangements which capture colors and glows of silent undergrowth and give back its magical charm with warm-colored iridescences. A top class optimism tipycal of Tuscan falls dominates: black and white flowers with lines in contrast, insect- jewels and bucolic landscapes for timeless feminine beauties.

Scarf print for FW18 Accessories Collection.

Illustrations made for the comunication of Marella FW18 Accessories Collection.

Scarf print for FW18 Accessories Collection.

Illustrations made for the comunication of Marella FW18 Accessories Collection.

Scarf print for FW18 Accessories Collection.

Illustrations made for the comunication of Marella FW18 Accessories Collection.

Scarf print for FW18 Accessories Collection.


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Built differences. Futuristic journey. Orientalism. Westernism. New spring fragrances reveal the fluid nature of the community. Each olfactory creation is a dot on an imaginary map. Bouquets of surreal no gender perfumes, created with agreements of woody notes, dry and deep, intensified by the freshness of sparkling tones of molecules recreated synthetically in laboratories; a slight touch of liquid air that brings with itself a light mountain breeze.

New Flowerbomb Bloom Eau de Toilette by VIKTOR & ROLF. In the heart of the fragrance, an infusion of a molecule of pure air captured in the Pacific Northwest Mountains and recreated synthetically.

L’Eau # 5 by CHANEL. From 1921 to today, Chanel N°5 is the first modern fragrance for women. A true timeless cult that over the years has managed to reinvent itself without betraying itself. The secret? An unpublished cocktail of natural and synthetic notes, contained in the iconic bottle and a bit of luck because launched on May the 5th, in the fifth month of the year.

Velvet Cypress by DOLCE & GABBANA. Woody and citrusy fragrance, inspired by one of the protagonists of  Mediterranean landscape: Italian Cypress.

GUCCI Guilty Absolute Eau de Parfum. The fragrance of rouged peacocks, born by the collaboration between Alessandro Michele, Creative Director and Alberto Morillas, maître perfumer, with ingredients rediscovered under the glass bell in the archive of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Mon GUERLAIN Eau de Parfum is a feminine fragrance of the Woody-Eastern group. The starting point is the Carla Lavender, often present in men’s fragrances, which adds powerful and sensual notes and absolute modernity.

Soleil Au Zenith PRADA Olfactories Les Mirages. A myriad of sensations in an oriental unisex fragrance, created with agreements of Ylang Ylang, Peach and Sandalwood on a strong note of Vanilla. Miuccia Prada together with the creator of Prada fragrances Daniele Andrier, revisit the art of parfumery as on a global atlas.


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New Spring-Summer 20017 make-up collections celebrate the chromatic exuberance of tropical paradises told with the technique with which I realize scarves for the companies I work with. Each design interprets the make up collection of each brand. A journey to discover the autobiographical traits linked to the history of every beauty maison that are renewed every season with irreverent originality. This is how the new BEAUTY-PAGES by ALESSIO NESI come to life.

Coco Code Make-up Collection Spring-Summer 2017 by CHANEL. From left: COCO CODE palette, Style Yeux Waterproof Mat Taupe, Rouge Allure Velvet 176 Indépendante. 

Make-up Collection Spring – Summer 2017 by TOM FORD. From left: Orchid Soleil EDP, Lip Balm Coral Reef Dark, Countour Compact White.

Tropical Spring Make-up Collection Spring – Summer 2017 by DOLCE & GABBANA. From left: The Eyeshadow Duo in Tropical Coral 135, The Nail Lacquer in Beach Sand 817, Passion Duo Lipstick in Tropical Coral 145.

Make-up collection by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINFrom left: Lipstick Silky Satin Miss Clichy, CEil Vinyle Eye-liner.

Make-up Collection Spring – Summer 2017 by ESTĒE LAUDER. From left: Lipstick RNAK11, RP2W07, RP2W09, RP2W06.

Make-up Collection Spring – Summer 2017 by YVES SAINT LAURENT. From left: Nail Lacquer Vandal Orange 81, Pencil Pink Graffiti, Lipstick Rose Marceau.


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Each year Maison Diptyque select an exceptional harvest to which dedicate a perfume. To inspire Fabrice Pellegrin, perfumer and collaborator of the House for over ten years, for the new Essences Insensées, are fields of Rosa Centifolia, a rarity on the French Riviera. The concentrate obtained by fresh petals has the strong smell of  thick wax enriched with red fruits and honey agreements. The overture begins with a chypre head pretty definined which kicks off a miracle that takes place over the course of several hours. A splendid shape, a marked sculptural floral note that is strengthened with each passing hour and becomes more and more persistent. Essences Insensées is a pure and haughty fragrance enclosed in an onyx faceted bottle just like a precious stone, created for the occasion by WALTERSPERGER, firm which since a century ago produces prestigious bottles for luxury perfumerie and liquor haute de gamme. A true masterpiece.

Essences Insensées Eau de Parfum by DIPTYQUE

Ogni anno la Maison Diptyque seleziona un raccolto eccezionale cui dedicare un profumo. A ispirare Fabrice Pellegrin, profumiere e collaboratore della Maison da oltre dieci anni, per la nuova Essences Insensées, sono i campi di Rosa Centifolia, un’assoluta rarità in Costa Azzurra. Il concentrato, ottenuto dai petali freschi ha l’odore intenso di una cera densa arricchito con accordi di frutti rossi e miele. L’ouverture esordisce con una testa chypre piuttosto definita dà il via a un miracolo che si compie nel corso di diverse ore. Una forma splendida, una marcata nota floreale scultorea che si rafforza e con il passare delle ore diventa sempre più persistente. Essences Insensées è un profumo puro e altezzoso racchiuso in un flacone di onice sfaccettata come una pietra preziosa, creata per l’occasione da WALTERSPERGER, società che da un secolo produce flaconi e bottiglie di prestigio per la profumeria di lusso e liquori haute de gamme. Un vero capolavoro.


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The craze for accumulation. Among junk dealer and quotes of antiques shop. From the need of superfluous, bourgeois herirtage of fast century, the aesthetic coordinates with which I designed new prints for Spring-Summer 2017 MARELLA’s Accessories Collection, are born. Four prints for two to themes, FLORAL and MARINIÉRE, printed allover  on scarves, sneakers and bags.



 3 TIMES BAG. A bag that changees its look with a simple zip. In line with mood, time and fashion.

Phytomorphic drawings and trickets inspired by the flamboyant Art-Nouveau ornaments, abound in space charging themselves of exquisite sensations. In a mix and match of decorative styles from “Belle Epoque“, comes SS 2017 Marella’s bag, whcih has a new feature: a simple zip allows you to replace the flap and changing look according to need, mood, time and fashion.

Floral-AlessioNesi-2 Print realized for MARELLA – Accessories Collection SS17 pattern FLORAL.

Floral-AlessioNesi-1Print realized for MARELLA – Accessories Collection SS17 pattern FLORAL in degradé. 

Mariniere-AlessioNesi-2Print realized for MARELLA – Accessories Collection SS17 pattern MARINIÉRE.

Mariniere-AlessioNesi-1Print realized for MARELLA – Accessories Collection SS17 pattern MARINIÉRE in degradé. 



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