Director of Photography PAOLO SIMI

Beauty Editor ALESSIO NESI


The best cosmetic routine is not always limited to the pair cleanser + moisturizer. To determine the best among all habits we could ask to japanese people who have made of layering an art: a ritual “layer upon layer”, which starts with a cleansing massage oil, continues with cleansing milk, toner, serum and finally anti-age and lip balm, morning and evening. For us westerners this complex rituals can be synthesized by applying a mask. Among the most significant developments in Europe, where the cult of radiant skin is spreading, are clay based anti-aging masks, enriched with natural ingredients from local farms and short chain, with no parabens, silicones or mineral oils. Terme di Saturnia, Matis and Laboratories Hur, are cosmetic companies that guarantee optimal results and skin wellbeing.


Fango Plancton TERME DI SATURNIA Cosmetica Termale. Clay Mask balancing and purifying mask combination to oily skin MATIS-PARIS Beauty Expert. PURA E CHIARA 25 Mask Purifying Brightening LABORATORY HUR.

Featuring: Hu Nan, Emil Anderson, Douglas Zanon.

I would like to thank press offices which helped and collaborated to this project: TERME DI SATURNIA, MATIS, LABORATORY HUR. 


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80 VOGLIA 80

While foreign newspapers from the New York Times to the Washington Post comment without going too much around in circle the last elections in Italy, highlighting the victory of populism, euroscepticism and the extreme right, I console myself watching New York, Milan and Paris fashion shows and selecting an anthology of images that made me think about the overpowering return of the 80’s excess. A fashion made of excessive and extravagant shapes, caused by a greater need for freedom and narcissistic gratifications. Geometric silhouettes, important shoulders, bright colors, punk mood, immersed in a general air of assertive grandeur. “Just on time!” I thought. Because against difficult days and uncertain times, broad shoulders and irreverence are needed and not only in Italy.

GUCCI Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Look N° 60 Milan Fashion Week. 

VERSACE Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Look N° 23 Milan Fashion Week. 

MARC JACOBS Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Look N° 14 NY Fashion Week. 


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Scarves coming from Marella 2018 Spring-Summer Accessories collection tell a picture-postcard world: landscapes and animals that live in its different continents and decorations coming from the art spread on its territory, all between tradition and symbolism. An anthology of 5 souvenir scarves born thank to illustrated guides and ancient geographic maps which combine Japan with the Stork, India with the Tigers, China with the Snake, Africa with the Leopard, Italy with the Solitary Sparrow, legacy of an ancient literary memory. The collection is seen as an escape from contemporary conflicts in mythologies and speculations of a world on the edge of the surreal.

Thanks to all the staff: Paola Grassi, Lorena Guglielmi, Giulia Bagella, Sara Viola.

 Leopard / Africa – ILLUSTRATED POSTCARDS MARELLA by ALESSIO NESI Spring-Summer 2018.




Solitary Sparrow / Italy – ILLUSTRATED POSTCARDS MARELLA by ALESSIO NESI Spring-Summer 2018.


Illustration realised for the communication of MARELLA SS18 Accessories Collection by ALESSIO NESI


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A saturated, vivid, cold and artificial color becomes protagonist of Spring-Summer 2018 make-up collections, on blush, eyeshadows, lipstick and eye pencils. Nuances by the POP heritage are enriched with sophisticated metropolitan metallic effects coming straight from the New York underground society of the ’70s and’ 80s; they are are a mix of glamour and primordial hedonism. In a present which lacks in clear reference points and in which everyone resembles something without being so, yesterday icons become a reference point for tomorrow’s look, so to a small group of evergreen icons like Madonna, Candy Darling, Debbie Harry, Grace Jones, Edie Sedgwick and Bianca Jagger, the task of narrating beauty-trends of this season in a selection of images.

MADONNA – Poudre à Lèvres Lip Balm and Powder Duo 415 Rosso Parthenope, Rouge Allure Velvet 66 L’Indomabile. Spring – Summer Collection 2018 CHANEL.

CANDY DARLING – Meteorites Palette + Lipstick KissKissLove N°573 Spring – Summer Collection 2018 by GUERLAIN Paris.

DEBBY HARRY – Magnify 5 Couleurs + Dior Addict Mascara It-Lash, Spring – Summer Collection 2018 by DIOR.

GRACE JONES – Lipstick Ecstasy Shine N°101 (Nuda) + N°200 (Silenzio), Spring – Summer Collection 2018 by GIORGIO ARMANI.

EDIE SEDGWICK – Full Metal Shadow N°19 Junky Tangerine Spring – Summer Collection 2018 by YSL.

BIANCA JAGGER – Phyto-Lip Twist Packshot Ballet + L’Ochidée (blush enlumineur au lys blanc), Spring – Summer Collection 2018 by SISLEY Paris.


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Aesthetic medicine has developed targeted techniques to standardize complexion and prevent aging: peeling at different concentrations to even skin texture and give it full splendor; laser treatments to help skin discoloration. Skincare haut-de-gamme lines enrich their treatments with formulas with cutting-edge active ingredients at high concentrations for instant and ultra-targeted results, inspired by cosmetic-clinical expertise. New products combine effectiveness and sensoriality. They are the less invasive alternative solution against premature aging, and give skin a smooth grain and a luminous complexion.

Keira Knightley – Divine Slash Mask Lotion DARPHIN – Lotion – Mask with double effect: strengthens skin helping it to defend itself from aging, supporting the process of cellular self-renewal and stimulating production of collagen; relieves irritations, gives uniformity and a vital and radiant appearance.

Cate Blanchett – Detox2x Cream VALMONT – A breath of oxygen for the skin. A unique “whipped cream” texture that oxygenates, detoxifies and reveals a healthy and plumped skin.

Sofia Coppola – Re-Plasty Laserist HELENA RUBINSTEIN – Brightness activator. Its antioxidant properties reduce melanin oxidation giving skin a luminous appearance and visibly reducing stains (-50% of their surface) thanks to the ellagic acid composed of vegetable molecules rich in tannins.


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Evocative designs combine smell to memory. Each fragrance interpreted combines images, feelings and emotions. A short florilegium of my three favorite fragrances at the moment, two dedicated to REPLICA of Maison Margiela, born from the line launched in 2012 based on a timeless aesthetic, Promenade in the Gardens and Glow. The third one is Dior Homme by Christian Dior. A masterpiece of contemporary men’s perfumery.

Glow REPLICA FILTER by MAISON MARGIELA brings to mind the brightness of a sunny afternoon.

Dior Homme 2005 by CHRISTIAN DIOR, created in 2005 by Olivier Polge and Hedi Slimane, with its sophisticated classicism stands out from any olfactory trend on the market today. Absolute masterpiece.

Promenade in the Gardens, REPLICA by MAISON MARGIELA represents the romance of an english garden where wanderers can be surprised by a bouquet of floral notes in the chaotic order of a bush.


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HEDI SLIMANE clothes shot on some of the last decade editorial shootings. Slimane is not a common INFLUENCER but an ORIGINATOR, a creative person capable of giving birth to a poetry of his own as well as creating waves because creation comes from constant dialectic with the status quo.

NEW BIG PRINZ, editorial published on ARENA HOMME PLUS N°25 Summer/Autumn 2006 Photo by CRAIG MCDEAN Styling PANOS YIAPANIS.

SPRING PALCE, editorial published on NUMÉRO HOMME N°12 Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 Photo by DANIEL JACKSON Styling ALASTAIR MCKIMM.

PERESTROIKA MON AMOUR, editorial published on VMAN Issue N°5 Fall/Winter 2005 Photo by COLLIER SCHORR Styling ANDREW RICHARDSON.

THE BRITISH YOUTH PORTFOLIO, editorial published on Dazed & Condused Vol.2 Issue N°70 January 2009 (Alex Bailey, 18).


RITUAL, editorial published on Dazed & Condused Vol.2 Issue N°16 August 2004 Photo by HEDI SLIMANE.

LIKELY LAD, editorial published on MAN ABOUT TOWN N°05 Autumn/Winter 2009 Photo by HEDI SLIMANE.


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Three new olfactory harmonies. The best perfumes released in September. They are a psychological investigation of the character of each brand, without any role plays or false appearances. Bright and decadent overtures synthesize in a jus passionate and rebellious personalities. They leave a solar aura on the skin and they send a modern message that invite every woman to live freely.

FUCKING FABULOUS by TOM FORD limited edition has a balmy oriental scent; among the main notes bitter Almond oil, Tonka, Giaggiolo’s agreement, Cashmeran, Leather, Salvia Sclarea oil.

GABRIELLE by CHANEL created by the nose perfumer Monsieur Olivier Polge in collaboration with the Laboratoire Parfums CHANEL. Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Orange flower are blended with a soft touch of Tuberosa that exalts with Sandalwood. An absolute masterpiece.

 GUCCI BLOOM created by Alessandro Michele – Creative Director of Maison Gucci – with the perfumer master Alberto Morillas. Natural Tuberose, harvested in India, is married to Jasmine and for the first time used in perfumery the Rangoon Creeper,  a plant discovered  in South India. Its bouquet is a concentrate of energy that joins the enchantment of a flowered universe.


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Autumn / Winter 2017 make-up collections take inspiration from nature. They are a road trip among continents with the aim of discovering the lights and colors of the world: from the darkness of Indian forests to the subtropical landscapes of Savannah, metropolitan realities, countryside gardens. A journey to create unreleased combinations with new shades of color coming from tree barks, flowers, water depths, fresh air but also from tire tracks, headlamp lights and so on… Soft textures with metallic effects for a radiant and natural color revolutionized by new application techniques which redefine gestuality with a simple touch.

Make-Up Metallics Collection by DIOR Fall17, clockwise: lipstick 999 Metallic, nail varnish Paradox 917, Palette 5 Couleurs 457 Fascinate.

Make-Up Collection by SISLEY Paris Fall17, clockwise: Phyto-Blush Twist Petal, Phyto Sourcils Design 3 Brun, Rouge à Levrès Longue Tenue.

Make-Up Collection Travel Diary by CHANEL Fall17, clockwise: Rouge Allure Velvet 64 First Light, Essential Palette, Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Eye Brown Pencil.


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Emilio Pucci imagined the popular print VIVARA while flying over the Mediterranean sea observing sun lights on the waves. The bright color pattern has worn during the years all bottles of VIVARA fragrance. My intervention here was to interpret in an absolute personal way a detail of this print considering it as an atmosphere where to put flora and fauna coming from those places by the Mediterranean sea: Cheetah, Swallows, Horses, Lilies, symbol of Tuscany. This approach just want to give another way to read “living” VIVARA, coming out of the usual schemes, without breaking them but trying to contribute to enrich and honour a favourite piece between the historical patterns of the florentine maison that has done the history of italian fashion.

Scarf print VIVARA motif with Horse.

Illustrations made for the comunication of VIVARA motif with Horse.

Scarf print VIVARA motif with Cheetah.

Illustrations made for the comunication of VIVARA motif with Cheetah.

Scarf print VIVARA motif with Swallows.

Illustrations made for the comunication of VIVARA motif with Swallows.


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