In 2007, girls coming from the boardsports, decided to create fragrances that represent their way of life – fresh and lighter, environmentally friendly with a colourful, positive approach to lifestyle. An interview with the founder Carmela Fleury.

Why the relationship between boardsports and perfumes?

Before Les Ettes we all worked in the snowboard industry (snowboard magazines, snowboard brands, competing at contests, working at snowboard camps and snowboard shops, etc) and consequently we got influenced and inspired by the things that surrounded us. Since the snowboard industry was familiar and our backyard so-to-speak, it was a great and familiar place the Les Ettes seed. However we are open-minded and enjoy working with people outside of boardsports too.


Where are you taking the inspirations for your perfumes?

As a team, I think we draw inspiration all the time from the places we travel to and the people we meet. With the creation of Want-ette and Love-ette were looking for something fresh and light for young girls. Flore-ette is professional snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer’s signature perfume- and she drew her inspiration from a surf trip to Tahiti (so she chose to use hints of the Tahitian flower: monoi). Sol-ette is the light fragrance to wear during the long summer days.


How would you describe your work?

It is never the same- it is always fun and exciting. Les Ettes is made up of a team of fun, young, creative and flexible individuals. We all multitask, and have flexible time schedules. We all work out of different places so thank goodness for Skype! Sure we don’t have the highest salaries but we have meaningful benefits that suit our individual lifestyles. One of the benefits is that we get to travel to great destinations, work with amazing people inside and outside of the company and it is a thrill to experience the organic growth of Les Ettes.

If your perfumes would be a woman, how would it be?

The great thing about scent is that the olfactory sensors really hit a special part of the emotional brain. A scent can help bring back the memory of someone dear, a special place or the feeling felt while being in love. Hopefully in 60 years time, Les Ettes will act as a time capsule item- smelling Les Ettes perfumes again will help remind women’s youth again.



But to answer your question- if we were to let our imagination run free, and the four perfumes would be a women- they’d have to be our beloved team riders. Love-ette conjures subtle and cosy wintery feel- so that’s why our Austrian team rider Lisa Filzmoser was a perfect match.  Want-ette has a creative girl in a big city feel and that’s why we worked with the amazing photographer Crista Leonard in our latest campaign. Flore-ette is professional snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer.  Sol-ette is a girl who enjoys the hot summer days on the beach.

What are your future projects?

We just launched our next product called Juli-ette. It is a lightly tinted lipbalm designed by the extraordinary Juliet Elliott. Juliet was a professional snowboarder on the Burton Euro team at the same time as appearing three times on cover of Italian Vogue magazine. After traveling the world with her metal band and a stint as a session player in a pop group, she briefly settled at Warner Music. Now sponsored by Charge Bikes as a professional fixed gear rider, Juliet still finds time to run her own PR agency and do graphic design for both her own label and various street wear companies. Meeting girls like her is so inspirational.

Sylvie May