It is the nature the most important treit union in the workshop of the Florentine designer Roberto Bonfanti, creator of the skincare line  Laboratori Hur, cosmetics made with fitoactive extracts of natural ingredients: vegetables, fruits, essential oils. The line made of “organic menu” for the skin, highlights the relationship between hydration and anti-aging prevention: a holistic approach to the individual and environmentally friendly essential packaging.

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What is your approach to the signs of age?

It is always a global, holistic approach, the person taken as a whole. Welfare, as well as the result obtained on a face clearly marked with lines, derives from a set of products targeted to individual actions.

What are the basic steps of the male and female cosmetic ritual?

First the water as a beneficial primordial element:  bath, sauna, turkish bath. The cleaners never too degreasers, along with peel, scrubs( both mechanical and chemical). Masks full of enzymes, fruit’s masks , masks without rinsing. Serum with low molecular weight, penetrating, rich in synergies that will help drainage and that really prolong hydration. A face cream suitable to the type of skin which needs to be treated, never too heavy, to be alternated frequently. A fresh and light toner.

What are the criteria that have guided you in the development of your cosmetic line, in terms of products and packaging?

I happen to develop more cosmetic lines and each follows its own policy and specific path. For example, in one of the last, the male one, the criteria that drove me the most to the choice of the ingredients was convenience and pleasure, the product should be of immediate impact.

Simon Cosac, an original and spontaneous businesswoman, asked me a very feminine line, which combines all the complexities, contradictions and sensuality of that world. I prefer a packaging increasingly essential, trying to eliminate everything that is unnecessary and harmful to the environment.

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What are the advantages of your line?

Perhaps masks, peel, anti-aging treatments, body oils.

The secret of your cosmetic line are a set of synergistic phyto extracts. What are their potential?

I seek for intact, natural and organic ingredients. The potentials of a substance are endless, they depend on combinations; its like in the kitchen where each dish has its ingredients, but every ingredient comes in many dishes. I find it important to formulate a new product using all the senses and also our Mediterranean cuisine helps me understand better, through taste, aroma and freshness of a substance.

Do you belongs to a specific school of thought?

Not really

– Fitoceutical not a day goes by that we read of new goals achieved in the medical field thanks to plant’s staminals and also as far as the field of aesthetic medicine there is a lot of ferment goign on. Do you believe there will be a time in which methods based on these cells are available?

Probably in the future, right now best results are still obtained using a cosmetic which favours popular extractive systems.

-Which will be the future of cosmetic treatments defined as BIO?

There will certainly be a great increase in the use of organic products, especially those ones which are organic for real. On the contrary unfortunately, we often find commercial products defined as natural products, fake? Inside them theres a very little natural

– Summer time, sea and sunny beaches: which advice would you give in order to protect skin from environmental damage, from UV radiation and other environmental factors considered hazardous?

IIts fine a bit of sun exposure, but we do not have to exceed; sun is good if you do not exaggerate. Cool the skin after each hour of exposure with a shower, a dip in the sea or simply remaining in the shade. Appropriate sunscreen, medium or low, and general attention of course! Sun screen does not protect against damage induced by overheating. After each exposure a face-mask with fruit or vegetables, organic moisturizers, fresh creams and oils  throughout the body.

– Which elements would you add to your cosmetic world?

Much more irony, lightness and truth. I wish my formulas were able, always better, to express the freshness of ingredients they are made of.

Alessio Nesi