“TURQUERIE” is a term used in western europe which from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century became fashionable as an imitation of the Ottoman Empire’s culture. During the Baroque period, the west showed a growing interest in the exotic and unknown culture of Turkey, at the time center of the Ottoman Empire. This fashion phenomenon became more popular through trade routes and increased diplomatic relations between Ottomans and other European nations, exemplified by the Franco-Ottoman alliance and by Persian embassy with Louis XIV in 1715. Ambassadors and traders often returned to their homeland telling of exotic places and bringing souvenirs of their adventures. This movement was often reflected in the art of the period. Music, painting, architecture and artifacts were often inspired by Ottoman styles and methods. The collection of animal prints for scarves and cushion created for Les Ottomans wiks to the trendy movement of that period with a palette of neon colors very very 80s.