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The best cosmetic routine is not always limited to the pair cleanser + moisturizer. To determine the best among all habits we could ask to japanese people who have made of layering an art: a ritual “layer upon layer”, which starts with a cleansing massage oil, continues with cleansing milk, toner, serum and finally anti-age and lip balm, morning and evening. For us westerners this complex rituals can be synthesized by applying a mask. Among the most significant developments in Europe, where the cult of radiant skin is spreading, are clay based anti-aging masks, enriched with natural ingredients from local farms and short chain, with no parabens, silicones or mineral oils. Terme di Saturnia, Matis and Laboratories Hur, are cosmetic companies that guarantee optimal results and skin wellbeing.


Fango Plancton TERME DI SATURNIA Cosmetica Termale. Clay Mask balancing and purifying mask combination to oily skin MATIS-PARIS Beauty Expert. PURA E CHIARA 25 Mask Purifying Brightening LABORATORY HUR.

Featuring: Hu Nan, Emil Anderson, Douglas Zanon.

I would like to thank press offices which helped and collaborated to this project: TERME DI SATURNIA, MATIS, LABORATORY HUR. 



Aesthetic medicine has developed targeted techniques to standardize complexion and prevent aging: peeling at different concentrations to even skin texture and give it full splendor; laser treatments to help skin discoloration. Skincare haut-de-gamme lines enrich their treatments with formulas with cutting-edge active ingredients at high concentrations for instant and ultra-targeted results, inspired by cosmetic-clinical expertise. New products combine effectiveness and sensoriality. They are the less invasive alternative solution against premature aging, and give skin a smooth grain and a luminous complexion.

Keira Knightley – Divine Slash Mask Lotion DARPHIN – Lotion – Mask with double effect: strengthens skin helping it to defend itself from aging, supporting the process of cellular self-renewal and stimulating production of collagen; relieves irritations, gives uniformity and a vital and radiant appearance.

Cate Blanchett – Detox2x Cream VALMONT – A breath of oxygen for the skin. A unique “whipped cream” texture that oxygenates, detoxifies and reveals a healthy and plumped skin.

Sofia Coppola – Re-Plasty Laserist HELENA RUBINSTEIN – Brightness activator. Its antioxidant properties reduce melanin oxidation giving skin a luminous appearance and visibly reducing stains (-50% of their surface) thanks to the ellagic acid composed of vegetable molecules rich in tannins.



They came to all pharmacies, the anti-aging that refine grain, enlighten and uniform complexion, improve features. New formula of Liftissime by Lierac Paris comprehensive treatment, have an effective formula that tone skin, slim oval and thin profile. The skincare line consists of six products, including serums with specific actions for each area of the face – around the eyes, lips and décolleté – formulated to relax, volumize and lift. They contain firming and reshaping substances based on hyaluronic acid with decongestants and restructuring plant extracts . They give an effect of lightness and freshness, day and night.

Lierac-ProprietexclusiveFrom left: Liftissime Sérum Intensive Re-Lifter. Liftissime Lèvres Replumping Balm Lips e Lip Contours. Liftissime Yeux Re-Lifting Serum Eyes & Eyelids. Liftissime Nuit Comforting Re-Sculpting Cream. All LIERAC PARIS.

Sono arrivati in tutte le profumerie antietà che affinano la grana, danno luce e uniformità all’incarnato, migliorano i lineamenti. La nuova formula del trattamento completo di Liftissime di Lierac Paris, hanno formule efficaci che tonificano la pelle, snelliscono l’ovale e assottigliano il profilo. La linea skincare è composta di sei prodotti, tra cui i sieri con azioni specifiche per ogni zona del viso – contorno occhi, labbra e décolleté – formulati per distendere, rivolumizzare e liftare. Hanno sostanze rassodanti e rimodellanti a base di Acido Ialuronico con estratti di piante decongestionanti e ristrutturanti. Donano un effetto di leggerezza e freschezza, giorno e notte.



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New phitoactive ingredients derived from fruits and spices come to skincare treatments, with their regenerative qualities, and inaugurate a new season of skincare treatments combining food to cosmetic treatments. Formulas created with medical expertise, new products are anti-age cosmetic elixir, able to act effectively on skin youth, providing high quality and respect for the environment, thanks to a savoir-faire of extraction and processing by cosmetic laboratories. They have gourmand hints, built with greedy or culinary fragrances, some with oriental constructions, some other only fruity. They help skin to fight visible signs of aging. Their lifting effect is immediate and long lasting.

ELISIR-ProprietexclusiveFrom left: Resilience Lift ESTÉE LAUDER. Crème Regard Eye Cream Or Rouge, YVES SAINT LAURENT. Le Sérum Capture Totale DIOR. The Cleasing Foam Orchidée Impériale, GUERLAIN.

Nuovi ingredienti fitoattivi ricavati dai frutti e dalle spezie entrano, con le loro qualità rigenerative, nei trattamenti skincare e inaugurano una nuova stagione dei trattamenti unendo il cibo ai trattamenti cosmetici. Formule create con l’expetise medica, i nuovi prodotti cosmetici sono elisir anti-age, in grado di agire efficacemente sulla giovinezza della pelle garantendo elevata qualità e rispetto dell’ambiente grazie a un savoir-faire di estrazione e di trasformazione da parte dei laboratori cosmetici. Hanno sentori gourmand, costruite con fragranze golose o culinarie, alcune hanno costruzioni orientali, altre solo fruttate. Aiutano la pelle a sfidare i segni visibili dell’età. L’effetto liftante è immediato e duraturo nel tempo.



Treasures of senses. New oils are multitasking body products with gentle texture. Regenerating, emollient and protective, environmentally friendly, free of preservatives and not tested on animals. Perfect example Aesop moisturizing body treatment with Geranium leaves. Its formula contains valuable antioxidants, nourishes and protects skin elasticity during winter and rediscovers traditional recipes supporters of ancient medical practices such as Ayurvedic medicine and holistic science.

Aesop-ProprietexclusiveGeranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment AESOP

Tesori di sensorialità. I nuovi oli sono prodotti multitasking con texture gentili, per il corpo. Rigeneranti, emolienti e protettivi, a basso impatto ambientale, privi di conservanti e non testati sugli animali. È un esempio il trattamento idratante per il corpo alle foglie di Geranio di Aesop. La sua formula contiene preziose sostanze antiossidanti, nutre e protegge l’elasticità della pelle durante l’inverno e riscopre ricette tradizionali sostenitrici di pratiche mediche antiche come la medicina ayurvedica e la scienza olistica.



In cosmetic, the excellence in some skin-care lines, does exist , especially for  skin care before and after shaving. Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum and Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion for daily use by Aesop, moisturize and soothe all skin types. Aesop is an ecofriendly cosmetic line where each cosmetic product is seen as an object of design, expressing innovation, in a constant dialogue between raw materials of biological origin, scientific expertise and high-tech design.

Aesop-ProprietexclusiveFrom left: Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum and Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion AESOP

Esiste nella cosmetica l’eccellenza in alcune linee skin-care soprattutto per la cura della pelle prima e dopo la rasatura. Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum e Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion di Aesop per uso quotidiano, idratano e leniscono ogni tipo di pelle. Aesop è una linea cosmetica ecofriendly ogni prodotto cosmetico è concepito come un oggetto di design, esprime innovazione, in un dialogo costante fra materie prime di origine biologica, expertise scientifica, design hi-tech.