Evocative designs combine smell to memory. Each fragrance interpreted combines images, feelings and emotions. A short florilegium of my three favorite fragrances at the moment, two dedicated to REPLICA of Maison Margiela, born from the line launched in 2012 based on a timeless aesthetic, Promenade in the Gardens and Glow. The third one is Dior Homme by Christian Dior. A masterpiece of contemporary men’s perfumery.

Glow REPLICA FILTER by MAISON MARGIELA brings to mind the brightness of a sunny afternoon.

Dior Homme 2005 by CHRISTIAN DIOR, created in 2005 by Olivier Polge and Hedi Slimane, with its sophisticated classicism stands out from any olfactory trend on the market today. Absolute masterpiece.

Promenade in the Gardens, REPLICA by MAISON MARGIELA represents the romance of an english garden where wanderers can be surprised by a bouquet of floral notes in the chaotic order of a bush.



Three new olfactory harmonies. The best perfumes released in September. They are a psychological investigation of the character of each brand, without any role plays or false appearances. Bright and decadent overtures synthesize in a jus passionate and rebellious personalities. They leave a solar aura on the skin and they send a modern message that invite every woman to live freely.

FUCKING FABULOUS by TOM FORD limited edition has a balmy oriental scent; among the main notes bitter Almond oil, Tonka, Giaggiolo’s agreement, Cashmeran, Leather, Salvia Sclarea oil.

GABRIELLE by CHANEL created by the nose perfumer Monsieur Olivier Polge in collaboration with the Laboratoire Parfums CHANEL. Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Orange flower are blended with a soft touch of Tuberosa that exalts with Sandalwood. An absolute masterpiece.

 GUCCI BLOOM created by Alessandro Michele – Creative Director of Maison Gucci – with the perfumer master Alberto Morillas. Natural Tuberose, harvested in India, is married to Jasmine and for the first time used in perfumery the Rangoon Creeper,  a plant discovered  in South India. Its bouquet is a concentrate of energy that joins the enchantment of a flowered universe.



Each year Maison Diptyque select an exceptional harvest to which dedicate a perfume. To inspire Fabrice Pellegrin, perfumer and collaborator of the House for over ten years, for the new Essences Insensées, are fields of Rosa Centifolia, a rarity on the French Riviera. The concentrate obtained by fresh petals has the strong smell of  thick wax enriched with red fruits and honey agreements. The overture begins with a chypre head pretty definined which kicks off a miracle that takes place over the course of several hours. A splendid shape, a marked sculptural floral note that is strengthened with each passing hour and becomes more and more persistent. Essences Insensées is a pure and haughty fragrance enclosed in an onyx faceted bottle just like a precious stone, created for the occasion by WALTERSPERGER, firm which since a century ago produces prestigious bottles for luxury perfumerie and liquor haute de gamme. A true masterpiece.

Essences Insensées Eau de Parfum by DIPTYQUE

Ogni anno la Maison Diptyque seleziona un raccolto eccezionale cui dedicare un profumo. A ispirare Fabrice Pellegrin, profumiere e collaboratore della Maison da oltre dieci anni, per la nuova Essences Insensées, sono i campi di Rosa Centifolia, un’assoluta rarità in Costa Azzurra. Il concentrato, ottenuto dai petali freschi ha l’odore intenso di una cera densa arricchito con accordi di frutti rossi e miele. L’ouverture esordisce con una testa chypre piuttosto definita dà il via a un miracolo che si compie nel corso di diverse ore. Una forma splendida, una marcata nota floreale scultorea che si rafforza e con il passare delle ore diventa sempre più persistente. Essences Insensées è un profumo puro e altezzoso racchiuso in un flacone di onice sfaccettata come una pietra preziosa, creata per l’occasione da WALTERSPERGER, società che da un secolo produce flaconi e bottiglie di prestigio per la profumeria di lusso e liquori haute de gamme. Un vero capolavoro.



Niche fragrances are different from other perfumes because they are created with fine, rare ingredients, with much higher concentrations compared to the average of other fragrances. The branch of art perfumerie counts parfumers and independent producers not aligned with market rules and therefore free to experiment. Theese type of fragrances are like a Chanel dress, they never go out of fashion, indeed, as years go by they become true icons like Rose Noir by Byredo. Jus which belong to the family of flowery fragrances, was created in 2007, but remains a novelty in the olfactory field. Starring the Rosa Damascena that in this particular olfactory pyramid takes a decadent aspect: the flower character is obscured by earthy agreements of oak and musk. One of the so called rare perfumes that do not betray the quality of this uncompromising raw material.

BYREDO-AlessioNesiInterpretation of Rose Noir by BYREDO

Le fragranze di nicchia si differenziano dagli altri profumi perché sono creati con ingredienti pregiati, rari, in concentrazione più alte rispetto alla media delle altre fragranze. Il ramo dell’arte profumiera conta parfumeurs e produttori indipendenti non allineati con le regole del mercato e quindi liberi di sperimentare. Questo tipo di fragranze, sono come un abito di Chanel, non passano mai di moda, con il passare degli anni diventano vere e proprie icone, come Rose Noir di Byredo. Jus appartenente alla famiglia delle fragranze fiorite è stato creato nel 2007, ma rimane, in campo olfattivo, una novità assoluta. Protagonista la Rosa Damascena che in questa particolare piramide olfattiva assume un aspetto decadente: il carattere del fiore è oscurato con accordi terrosi di Quercia e muschi. Uno dei rari profumi così chiamati che non tradiscono la qualità di questa intransigente materia prima.




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The fragrance opens to creative original paths. Odors are a language with which you can tell the contemporary. A striking example, the new Eau de Toilette by Calvin Klein dedicated to Gold. Ductile material, alchemical and imperial, with a chaotic nature for its bright tones, is the color of glamour society. CK One Gold is a tribute to young “Re Mida” that do not make mistakes and everything they touch turns to gold. The new fragrance by Calvin Klein captures the allure of the jeunesse dorée in a limited edition, expertly mixing the energy of both sexes in a bold unisex jus, gold and scratchy.

ck-alessionesiCK One Gold Eau de Parfum by CALVIN KLEIN

It starts in the top notes with juicy notes of Fig which imprints to the whole overture a burst of energizing freshness. Neroli bright heart and a base of vetiver which leave a hot and vibrant trailon skin. The perfume is an indelible memory. CK One Gold keeps what it promises: a drop of gold to everyone. A trace of lasting emotion through gold, the unifying element of a permanent aesthetic theater, ripe fruit of a capitalism in which epic of products and fetishism of their passions predominate.




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Tom Ford is celebrating 10 years of BLACK ORCHID with a limited-edition in partnership with Lalique.

This is not recent news, its possible to find it in most Tom Ford boutiques since a couple of months ago, but it remains a novelty. From the intriguing packaging made by Lalique, glossy black, characterized by thick decorative lines and inspired by the originality of Art Déco, which keeps what you want to mantain secret to the dark bouquet of oriental agreements. Black Orchid is the first fragrance by Tom Ford created in 2006. To celebrate the tenth anniversary from the debut of the historic fragrance, (mainly known for publicity stunts with softcore scenes) the brand has created the Lalique Edition: a limited edition of 1200 copies all over the world. Created by perfumers of Givaudan, Black Orchid is a dark and opulent overture that would have made fallen in love for it most decadent poets; born with the goal of capturing the perfume of flower Black Orchid, “the flower par excellence, sumptuous, elegant, pure, sophisticated“.

blackorchid-alessionesiTOM FORD BLACK ORCHID Eau de Parfum

Top notes are a voluptuous mix of black truffle and ylang ylang, combined with fresh Bergamot and a bit of Blackcurrant’s liveliness. In the heart of the fragrance the exclusive Black Orchid granted with fruity scents enhanced by Lotus wood. Finally, the sillage, which combine agreements of Vanilla, Patchouli, Frankincense, Vetiver and Sandalwood. The Lalique Edition is part of a range of eight products all complementary to the fragrance that make up the Orchid Collection. Mr Ford has made beauty an expression of pure desire, spreading it with narrative suggestions. Uniqueness as a way of life, magnificent and misty, is the essential component of any of his products where he can create worlds in which the viewer identifies with the arts of seduction of which Ford is a master.